Illinois College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Okay - most popular survey results: cuisine complaints. The food provided by Chartwells Dining Service is often less than satisfactory. It seems overcooked and sits rather heavily in ones stomach. The food simply does not taste exceptionally good. Fortunately, the coffee shop on campus provides better food (perhaps because it provides sandwiches that need no cooking). Coffee shop cuisine is available throughout the day, although it lacks variety. Still, it is usually a better option as one does not feel lousy after eating it. If only the food in the cafeteria were as welcoming as the staff working inside.


The worst thing about Illinois College is the food, and the meal plans. The food is low quality, and for the amount of money we pay for the food plans, I would think they could afford to distribute better food. Not to mention, some meal plans only allow you a few hours to use one of your meals, and then it's lost for the day. And, the hours that the 3 food areas hold on the weekends are at random times, and don't stay open past 8pm.


They forget to ask student opinions about major changes (i.e. new logo).


The food, or the housing rules. You have to have senior status before you are allowed to move off campus.


The food here sometimes gets rather old, and the work is very difficult.


Location, location, location! When walking to my classes in below-zero weather, snow clinging to my shoes, hands in my pocket, and nose dripping, I dream of transporting my school to a warmer climate. Luckily, the campus is small enough that exposure to the elements is limited to a 5- to 10-minute trek.


A small school is just what I wanted to attend, and I enjoy it very much. Remember that there are less people and less faculty members though. Therefore, classes are offered less often in some cicumstances and there may be a smaller variety of them. Professors are definitely able to work with students individually though to make things work. For example, I had an independent study class last semester because that class wasn't going to fit in my schedule during the four years I would be attending.


I believe the worst thing about this school is the workload. Doing well in my education is very important to me, and sometimes I have no time to relax because I'm working so hard on getting everything accomplished. Sometimes it gets very stressful, but I believe it is all worth it!


I believe that there is not a bad thing about my school. There are minor problems, but it is subject to every individual. Everyone has their own views on food and location, but in my perspective, Illinois College does not have a trait that sticks out as the worst trait, or even a negative trait about the school.


The lack of diversity.


The food. We hired an independent company who exclusively feeds the campus and does not permit any other vendors on campus. Therefor they can make their food however they want regardless and it usually isn't good.


The worst thing about my school would be the administration. While I adore the faculty, the administration angers me because they do not listen to the students. The ignored the students' views on the plus/minus grading system, on the 4 credit hour system, and on ending certain majors.


It sits ontop of a hill and when it rains or snows, the side walks get really slippery.


If I had to choose, I think the worse thing about my school is definitely the food. I know that is really clique but it is so true. I'm not basing this opinion on the fact that I eat the same thing for 9 out of 12 months in the year, but rather the fact that all the eating areas on campus are from the same company (Chartwell's).


The worst thing about this school is the lack of life on the weekends. Most students are from the small towns surronding Jacksonville, and many go home on the weekends. The student activity board does a good job of providing entertainment, but many times there are not a lot of students aound.


I think the worst thing about Illinois college is that it is not racially diverse, but they are working very hard to change ot.The fact that I attend this school is proof