Illinois College Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


IC is small, but I love it here! Here, the professors and staff members know me by name. They also know what I hope to accomplish while I'm here, and what my future plans are. Everyone here is very supportive of each student. I love having a small class size, most of classes have about 20-25 students in it. Campus really comes alive when there is a game. Everyone is wearing there IC gear and heading out to the game to have a good time.


One of the reasons that I picked IC was that it was a small school with an atmosphere of closeness. Its a good size school because as you walk from class you say hello to people you know, but it is big enough that you meet someone new everyday. Another great benefit of IC are the professors. The adjustment to college and to college level classes are hard, but the professors do a great job of preparing you and helping you to adjust. As a requirement of the school, every professor has office hours which are specific times in the week, when the professor will be in his or her office waiting for students to come by with questions. Also, most professors will go out of their way to help a student understand a concept, make up missed work, or provide wisdom for impending decisions about the future. What helped me adjust quickly to college was the required First-Year seminar. Every first-year student is required to take one of these classes. The student will be in a class with 15-20 other first-year students and the professor becomes their advisor to help them with the first few semesters or until the students declare a major. A summer reading is required that helps tie all of the seminars together. My first-year seminar was a great introductory class because my professor expected a lot out of us and pushed us to excel, but once the class was over we knew what we could do, and nothing after that seems too daunting. Because of this I know that I can succeed in whatever I put effort in. The closeness of the professors also leads to many open opportunities to be involved in activities that would not be open to first-year students or even undergraduate students. At IC I have been able to try different activities such as going to Berlin over spring break and Michigan over fall break, all through classes.


My overall opinion of Illinois College is that I would not trade it for any other school. Since the first time I stepped on the campus for an open house, I have constantly been amazed at the amount of camaraderie that is found on campus. The students, faculty, and staff truly care about each other. I believe this stems from the relatively small size of the college. Illinois College has roughly 1,000 students, which may seem too small to some people, but once on the campus, it is easy to realize that it is the perfect size. At Illinois College, students are known on a first name basis with their professors; we are not a huge university where students are known as numbers. Students at IC form personal relationships with almost everyone they meet. Although we lack the high profile sports events that are found at universities, are campus still has a lot of pride in the athletes that represent Illinois College. Overall, students do not come here to play sports; they come here to get an outstanding education and the sports are just a part of that journey. The campus truly is the perfect environment for successful learning.


Out of all the schools I had the pleasure of visiting, Illinois College was the only place I felt 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} welcome! This place provides the type of atmosphere where you can't help but feel wanted! It's a small school, so everyone has the oppertunity to connect to those around them! Both the staff and the students are so friendly. I remember the first time I visited this campus - I didn't walk by one person who didn't smile at me or ask how my day was! It's a place you can call home and be proud to brag about!


I absolutely love the size of IC. I went into my college search looking for a smaller school, and fell in love with IC. It's easy to talk to your professors one on one and the class sizes are perfect. The one thing I would change would be the food. I understand it isn't cheap feeding an entire campus of students, but I feel like the food could be much better. I also wish there was a Pep Band at sporting events and more of an organized student section. Jacksonville is also a great town and there is enough to do without it being too big.


Illinois College is a small school that has a feeling of being at home. Many of the students would say that the best thing about IC is that it is like one big family, I would definiently have to agree with that statement. This is my 4th year at IC and I have always felt like there were people on campus to support me in anything I was doing. From the professors in the classroom to the other students in your dorms and classes you will always have someone you know around. The fact that we are a small school allows us to have connections with almost everyone on campus. Another great thing about school is that you can be involved in many different organizations. Since there are only about 1,000 students at the school they need students to be involved in many different activities. You are able to be involved as a basic member or even on take on leadership roles in any of the 80+ activities that IC has to offer. Overall IC is a great small school that helps to get you connected inside and outside the classroom.