Illinois College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A student who is committed to excelling in their academic career with the close help of professors and peers. Also, those who would enjoy getting involved in different groups and who aren't afraid to step out of their comfort zone.


People should attend Illinois College if they want to go to a small school. Since it is such a small school, the professor really take the time to get to know there students, which is something I love about the school.


Someone well rounded, who is interested in both academics and sociability. Someone who can ballance both in order to achieve success. Someone who wants to have fun in college and still get somewhere in life.


Someone who is very driven and likes to be close with peopl. If that would be people in classes or people on a sports team. There is a very high quality learning program here they try to push you to do your best. It may get hard sometimes, but if you strive through it that will make you smarter and a better person. So I guess what i am saying is that you can't be scared to study or work hard for what you want in life.


Illinois College is for students who are looking for a smaller sized college with a personable staff, faculty, and professors. The professors really care about their students and the student's success in the classroom. Illinois College is a place for everyone looking for success and fulfilling career and life.


Someone who wants an excellent education with the opportunity of tons of interaction with faculty. Someone who wants to study abroad and get full credit. Someone who wants to feel like part of a small community.


I think that anyone looking for a good education in a smaller school setting would benefit from attending IC. However, the art department is severely lacking and the school administration could be a little friendlier and at least give the impression that they care about students. The faculty is great, which some what makes up for the administrations faults.


A person who is on their way to figuring out who they are and what they want to do with their life. A student would enjoy this school if they like a tight-knit community type of feel. Also, a person would feel right at home if they are from a small town or went to a small high school. The class sizes are pretty small, so the student muts be comfortable partcipating in class.


Someone who likes a comfy environment and likes to know most everyone at his/her school. You must like small classes. If you want to know your professors and have them know you, well this is the college for you. The campus is very diverse and freindly.


A person who takes an active role in their education is the type of person that should attend Illinois College. IC is located in a small town, and even though the campus is small, the facilities and programs are very elaborate. The opportunities offered include study abroad programs, internships, and independent research. Each class is small enough that professors and students interact, which is vital because learning in the classroom is based on discussion rather than lecture. Students attending Illinois College can expect the opportunities that are associated with a big university, but are condensed into a small town setting.


A hardworking person who wants to be involved in his or her school and is eager to learn in a small environment.


A bright person, who is looking to achieve a great liberal arts education.


Any person that is willing to work hard, but at the same time enjoy the college life. Our school is very open to diverse groups of people which can be seen through our various clubs on campus. I would not recommend this school if a student is not prepared to go to a small school. We are our own little community within ourselves and therefore everyone will know everyone and everything about them! But it is definitely the best choice I have ever made.


This school is good for students that are serious about their academics and enjoy a small school atmoshpere. The professors are very accesible, classes are small, and most students on campus know each other. It is a friendly small community, but if you are looking for a big party atmosphere, this school is not for you.


The ideal person for this school is someone looking for a smaller based population of students, but the belief that because the school is smaller they will have more attention from their teachers and time to study. An ideal person attending this school must also be friendly, because everyone knows everyone and I've never been to another school where everyone likes each other. I think its because, most students are commuters.


A person who is unsure of their major would be a good candidate. A small liberal arts college allows students to broaden their horizons by learning more than just a major, but how to live in a very diverse world. Those who want to have a close connection with professors for help and support, and those who are intimidated by bigger schools would be good candidates and would be able to make friends easier.