Illinois College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The best thing about going to Illinois College is that it's so diverse. All types of people of different races, genders, sexualities, etc. are all welcomed with open armed. Anyone can find a place at Illinois College.


A person who likes a big school environment should not attend this school because it is a small school. Also, a person who does not enjoy participating in class should not enroll at Illinois College because some professors drop your final grade if you do not participate in class. Some professors see not participating as not doing the assigned reading. Illinois College forces its students' to broaden their horizons; if a student does is not willing to do so, they should not attend Illinois College.


Any person who isn't commited to academic excellence should not attend this school. Illinois College is a challenging college and expects the maximum preformance from students. The college is liberal arts, so, if you are a student looking for a major intensive education, it would be in your best interest to look elsewhere.


The person that shouldn't attend Illinois College is one that doesn't like one on one help. A person that wants to be a loner and not have the support of their friends, teachers and coaches.


I feel like IC is a place where most people can find there niche. I do believe though that if you are the kind of person who wants a large school and want s to get lost in a crowd, this school is definately not for you. Our school has 900-1000 students and we (faculty and staff included) are all a close knit community.


Those who don't want a small town school or a quiet city life.


Any one who wants to party all the time should think of a different school to go to. There is no where to drink on campus anymore. Students who might feel out of place would be some minority students, although we have a lot of exchange students from other countries and a growing minority population here. Some GLBT may feel a little out of place because there are few others here, but we are pretty accepting as a whole.


People who do not work hard, are not organized, are not committed to acedemic excellence, and do not support a good attendence record should not attend this school.


People shouldn't attend this school who don't plan on working hard. It's hard to just "get by" here.


Any person could attend Illinois College. IC works for everyone.