Illinois College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


There wasn't much surrounding Illinois College. It was a small town in central Illinois and I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. There weren't as many off-campus activities that there would be on a campus in the city.


it is in a small town and there is no community transportation except cabs. The food in the cafeteria is mediocre and best and because it is a small campus there are not many choices on campus.


The most frustrating thing about Illinois College is that the art department is only 3 credits when every other class/ department is ranked in the 4 credit base. Art has become a very challenging subject at Illinois College and the administration fails to recognize this. Also that the Art department does not have a building big enough for all the classes that some classes are held in one building and other classes in an adjacent building.


Not too much is really frustrating, but one thing is the food here.


I think that the most frustrating part of school is trying to balance studying, athletics, and a social life while also trying to get enough sleep.


Every body knows everybody.


There are obvious lines between social groups, especially when it comes to the religious community on campus. The food is also not as great as it could be, and as a vegetarian I struggle to eat healthy on campus.


There are so many opportunities to get involved, but trying to do all of them will hurt your academic life severly. You have to really decide what's important.


Really can't think of anything