Illinois Institute of Technology Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


From all over the world!


My classmates are incredibly diverse, coming from all over the city, state, country, and other parts of the globe.


My classmates at Illinois Institute of Technology are very diverse, intelligent, and creative.


Sometimes, when studying in the STEM fields people forget about the other aspects of education and social problems, however, my peers and fellow classmates have proven themselves to be caring, incredibly intelligent, motivated, and our world's future problem solvers.


A very diverse and generally friendly, hardworking student body


IIT students are self modivated students that have a genuine interest in their chosen fields of study.


My classmates are extremly helpful, informative, team-oriented, dedicated to their success as well as others within the class, positive influences, role models, extremly diverse, very friendly, kind and caring individuals.


My classmates are quiet yet vocal in class, perceptive yet respectful, involved in their groups yet focused in their academics, and above all, intelligent yet diligent.


My classes are all very kind and helpful and you can feel like a family when you at school.


I highly enjoy my classmates. There is an appreciation of the fact that we are attending such a prestigious scholl. Everyone is willing to learn and to learn as much as possible. We are all eager and competitive to a degree. We know where we want to be once we graduate. We are also aware of how difficult it will be to achieve our goals, but we are motivated to pursue. Attending IIT is our first step for our better tomorrow.


Some good, some bad.


They're average Joe.


Highly motivated and intelligent individuals.


The classes are very diverse. And the number of students and optimal so teachers can help to each student.


My classmates are very encouraging and extremly helpful because they are in the same situation that I am in.


Male dominated, friendly, and socially awkward.


My classmates are from all parts of the world creating a diverse atmosphere to study. Learning other cultures with out travelling abroad.


I am an electrical engineering student and most of my classes include high level of science and mathematics classes .Sometimes I have a hard to figure out a problem and that time, I am asking to help my classmates. I can say that I am really lucky one tha t have very talented ,smart , helpful and freindly classmates.


IIT is a very culturally diverse school, and my classmates are extremely accepting of all cultures and down to earth. They are a smart, dedicated, friendly group.


My classmates are extremely studious.


My fellow classmates are hard-working and focused individuals that take their education very seriously.


classmates are willing to help if you are struggling. classmates turn into friends you can hang out with. classmates become your networking link.


Most classmates of mines are very career oriented but also very social. For some reason, mostly everyone here at the Illinois Institute of Technology is able to have a social life despite the demanding work of academics. The campus population is very diverse with students from over 50 different countries and different ethnicities.


I think they are friendly and easy to deal with...


If we couldn't laugh, we would all go insane.


They are very similar to me in terms of personality and goals.


My classmates are nerds, as am I - nerds will get on here and not for a minute feel as an intellectual outsider.


My classmates come from a variety of backgrounds, countries, religions, that allows us to learn from one another and we all share a desire to learn and to suceed in our future endeavors.


Very diverse in every aspect of the word, some come from a very educationally rich background with very high GPA's and honors while others are stronger with extracurricular activities, nevertheless your classmates are a very important part of your education.


Over worked and stressed out.


The small campus gives the student body a community feel. You don't get to meet everyone -- not that small -- but faces become familiar. Plus, the student body has many international students. I have learned so much about other cultures just by hanging out with people! I have friends from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Australia, Bolivia, Uganda, and Malaysia! There are plenty of other countries represented. It is really cool, at least from my American, small-community perspective.


I also mentioned previously about the many diverse student organizations. Most students can find a club that they are interested in. Also another really cool thing is that if there isn't a club that one is interested in they can start a petition and present it to the student activities and then potentially receive funding for that club. Greek Life is really big for me as I am part of a sorority. Greek Life is very different than the stereotype. Greeks focus on sisterhood/ brotherhood, academics, and community service. The cafeteria is very socially oriented and often people go to a meal alone and end up sitting with someone they know. There is also a very involved student government association. One thing I like to tell people is that there are so many opportunities at IIT to be involved, one just has to go out and find it, which isn't difficult at all.


My classmates are academically focused while still maintaining a responsible and appropriate level of social interaction.


There are organizations for almost everything on campus, and if there isn't one you want to be part of, all you need is 10 people interested and a faculty advisor to get it started. I come from far away- Oregon- and there are a lot of students here from Illinois and the midwest, but all of my close friends are actually from out-of-state.


I would say that IIT has a large amount of student organizations and many that are quite successful. There seems to always be something going on for students to enjoy especially on the weekends. Students come to our school from all over the world, and I'd like to think that when I graduate my friends will put me up at their house when I travel to Hawaii, Alaska, Europe, California, etc. I would find it hard to believe anyone could come to IIT and not find something that interests them, just because there are so many different cultures and interests offered. I would say the student that would have the most difficult time at the school is the one that is not comfortable with diversity or how to deal with it.


I got to be more culturally diverse, due to my affiliation with several groups on campus, I think it is a nice experience to be a part of. Most IIT students are from the US but a large portion of the grad students are asian. Different types of people interact on a daily basis because of academic, social and extra curricula activities that bring us together


The majority of my classmates keep to themselves for the most part; however, if I were to ask for help, most of them would not mind helping.


The bulk of the student body - male and female fit into the very general term "geek" and the Greek geeks seem to be proud of the fact - we are a techonology based school.


Stressed, but positive, hardworkers who care a lot about their grades and helping out their classmates.


They are a nerdy bunch who like to play games such as D&D and starcraft, but study very hard and are very intelligent.


Classmates are very hardworking and focused in class but not very social or easy to communicate with.


Classmates are friendly people, hard-working, and good team mates.


Studious, brilliant, and driven.


They are somewhat ethnically diverse (either asian or white).


solely focused on getting better grades than you


most classmates are friendly, although several keep to themselves unless forced in a project with a grouup.