Illinois Institute of Technology Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Engineering, math and sciences


Opportunity. This school provides more than ample information and resources for students to find research, career, or academic related opportunities. The more a student strives for the more they will find and be rewarded for their efforts. This is not to say that these opportunities are easy to come by, they require their fair-share of work, but that is expected and advertised.


Illinois Institute of Technology is best known for career placement and research.


Illinois Institute of Technology is best known for its small class sizes that provide for a one-on-one interactions with the professors and classmates. You are not just a number to your professors; they actually care about you and ask you about your life. These are the professors that are experts in the field and having that connection with them will open so many doors for you after graduation.


My school is best known for its demanding programs and successful graduates.


IIT is best known for their school of architecture. Second to that they are known for being an amazing engineering school competing amongst other top schools in the USA. It is known for its smaller class sizes and really good teacher student relationships. It has an amazing amount of resources so that if a student is struggling or needs help with something they are not just left to fend for themselves.


In the past, It was well known for innovation and Engineering/Scientific Progress. Many technological things today would not be possible without the progress students at this school made. Today, research is just as important, but we are making small steps in many different directions now that technology is rapidly expanding. The Interprofessional Projects give students the hands on experience they need to work with diverse groups in the future.


IIT is best known for its professors. Professors at IIT are not your usual professors in the sense that they actually care about each individual student, even in a bigger class of 60 students. They are dedicated to your education and really know what they teach.


It's diverse culture


My school is best known for creating engineers, scientists, mathematicians, etc who can adapt to this rapidly changing technological world; Students that excell in their fields and professionals that set the trail for others to follow.


architecture and engineering.


My school is best known for its diversity of students, and for the many organizations and groups dedicated for those who wish to pursue any engineering major.


Although Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) is mostly known for its 5-year architecture program and school of psychology, I'd like to put emphasis on other notable qualities. This institute is one of the most diverse campuses I have ever seen. This gives you the advantage of knowing how to communicate with a multicultural workforce when you enter your career. IIT has a small close knit campus which some may be seeking. Best of all unlike most institutes of learning, IIT puts the students first. The faculty and students together make this an amazing working environment.


Illinois Institute of Technology is famous for its study in science fields, such computer science, finance and designing. Although IIT's general ranking is not in the top 50 according to some famous news papers, this school has many world famous professors and some Nobel Prize winners. It is said that the design school in IIT is one of the world's best design schools. And the finance market program in IIT is top 10 in professional ranking.




My school is best known for educating dedicated students that have an admiration for science and technology and that want to brighten their future by learning all they can about their specific field of study.


Best Academic. Famous scientists.


Oustanding for Architecture , Engineering & IT


This school is best known for their engineering departments. It is a private Institution, and offers a lot of financial aid. It is very difficult, but the faculty and students are very driven.


The Illinois Institute of Technology is known for its very prestigious and rigorous academic programs. For undergraduates, the architecture and engineering programs are widely known as the best in the nation and attract students world-wide. On the graduate level, IIT has the Stuart School of Business and many other very prestigious masters and doctoral programs. The campus is also known to be very serious academically, so students looking for a social college experience may be better suited at another university.


scientific research


My school is very well known for exceptional architecutral design and engineering knowledge.


My school is best known for its architecture and engineering programs.


This school is best know for its designer mies van der rogh. The architecture program here is pretty intence. But so is everything


My school is best known for its academically challenging curriculum and professionally well-known faculty.