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IIT holds diversity, a good name, and has unlocked a side of educational fascination that I did not realize I had. IIT, compared to other schools, has the ability to show me not just my potential, but how my potential fits in to so much more than what I had previously imagined.


It oozes the urban environment theme. A lot of schools seem to go for an Ivy League-esque kind of school where it's prestigious, but this school wants to fit in with the rest of the environment. Sure, there are a lot of buildings that seem misplaced, like the MTCC, which supports the CTA Green line train, but the real spot-on thing about the school are the creations people have made throughout the school.


My University is placed in the heart of the city so networking oppurtunities are incorporated with a great education for a unique experience.


I think one of the characteristics that make IIT unique is the fact that many of the students that graduate from this institution do end up with a commendable job. I think many companies and other institutions that come to IIT realize that it is composed of students that are very driven and understand the importance of an education. In addition, this institution's commitment to community out-reach is also very notable, hosting a number of events that inspire adults and students to pursue Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technology (STEM) fields.


Illinois Institute of Technology is unique because it holds a prestigous title within the academic society as well as the professional society. IIT has a long list of well-known successful alumni that accredit their personal success to their academic success from this institution. IIT's success stories are motivational and inspiring, and this attracts some of the worlds greatest minds in a collaboration of academic success.


IIT is a great place to get an in depth technical understanding of everything from architecture to engineering to science. Add that to all the hands on work and a great Career Managment Center and you have a school that is dedicated to creating young professionals and getting them into their field of choice.


This school have interprofessional projects course that all students need to take. It let students work in a group with an advisor in order to accomplish the project. The concept of working in teams provide an idea for students to work with other people from different background.


There is easy access to get down town. You get to learn about the city. There are many opportunities to get jobs after graduating, the campus is diverse. Classes are easy to get to, classes are small so it will be easy to communicate with professors. There are very helpful resources to make sure that you do not fail anything.


My school is the only school I know that offers the IPRO program. The IPRO program is a program that brings students from various disciplines together to solve some very crucial problems in science, engineering, business, etc. It gives students an opportunity to be part of the 'great innovators' while still in school. Students ,after completing this program , see the world in a whole new way because of their exposure to different fields. Every student must participate in the IPRO! My schoolis a school that simply 'Unleashes the genius in everyone'.


The thing that made IIt stand out above all other schools was the fact that the school had a great social life/acceptance. I came here for a weekend and I was treated so well, the current students then took us out to place on and off campus, and no one cared how you looked, how you dressed or how famous you were. Everyone just got along. I remember telling my mother, Mom, I can SO see myself fitting into this school!


The student to tacher is very low which makes every class a personal experience. The university has comparatively less students than other large and renowned universities which makes this a closely knit society. A lot of international students make this a very diverse environment. It is a great cultural experience.


IIT is unique because of the make-up of the student body. First, the college is about 70{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} male. Also, the college is very high in the academic areas of Math and Science. The focus is on academics and the college is strong in the field of Architecture, Computer Science, Engineering and Math. The campus itself is very unique due to the fact that a very famous architect (Mies Van der Rohe) designed most of the buildings on-campus. We have a are located south of Chicago in a very diverse neighborhood. The most unique aspect is the wonderful staff.


my school is very friendly. inflow and outflow of students is much easier and my school is filled up with vast varieties of students any one ever could find.


IIT is a reasearch minded university. We have about 2000 undergraduates, which is about 500 in each class. With this size group of students, I already know over 100 students after my first semester. If you wish to excell and put the work in, IIT provides a multitude of different ways to get involved in any area that interests you. I believe this is what makes IIT unique and it is why I chose it over my other options.


almost all my upper class friends have found jobs in their field . no school around chicago could do the same with their engineering degree


Small feel in a big city, and very academically oriented.


This school has a rich architectural history and is recognized by architects world-wide.


It has a 5 year Architecture program so it gets your degree faster. It is also close so i am able to commute and stay close to my family. The course guide that they give you for all 5 years gives you the best classes to ensure that you come out of school ready for your desired profession.


Illinois Institute of Technology is unique compared to other schools in the fact that it has a very high rate of International Students. Along with that, IIT offers students the opportunity to learn so much about different cultures around the world and make friends from almost anywhere. Having a very diverse community at IIT is a pleasure and also a unique opportunity that many students don't get to experience because their schools is either too big or not as diverse.


small but not bad choice


There are so many research opportunities! Any student who is determined to get valuable experience for their careers, can easily get it.


The diversity of this university is amazing. Also, there are a lot of undergraduate research offered here.


The diverse population of students and how everyone seems to get along regardless of different ethnic backgrounds.


IIT is dedicated to sustainability, we don't even use trays in the dining commons because it is a waste of water. The school is extremely small and interactions can be more high school-like than college-like. The buildings, though historical, are mostly falling apart. The people are what really make this university. The friends you will make are the best people you could meet. The transfer out rate is high and not very many people graduate from IIT (like 60{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} or something). IIT isn't for everyone, the environment is harsh but if you fit, you fit.


The small size of IIT is definetly its strong suit. Because there are not many students everyone is able to get involved in miriad of activities and organization, or even make their own organizations. It is also great for student-professor relationships. I know most of the professors in my major personally which helps in finding research and jobs.


-Rich cultural / historic urban location right next to downtown Chicago -Inspiring campus designed by distinguished architects -A program that is dedicated to practical issues as well as innovation -Tuition is lower than that of most private schools


The Illinois Institute of Technology is unique in that many undergraduates students are allowed to cooperate with professors and participate in research. For example, one of my first year physics friends is currently working with one of her professors on his research at Argonne National Laboratory. By doing so, students are able to gain real life experience in the fields of their choice. Also unlike many other prestiges universities and colleges, the IIT community is small enough to allow students to interact with and develop professional relationships with professors on a personal level.


It is one of the good schools offering education in business subjects as per informations I could gather from my relatives and friends.


When people think of IIT, they think we do nothing but study, study, and study some more. And we do study a lot. But I have met some very well-to-do men that were clients of my father's limousine, and they all told me something that speaks of the results of an IIT education. And that is that when they see this school on a resume, they know that they will got top production from that applicant, without fail. We are going to school to get education to get a job -- and employers love graduates of IIT! In other words, it does its purpose as good as anyone else. But don't forget that there's nothing wrong with having fun while in pursuit of this life goal.


I would definitely recommend IIT to anyone looking for opportunities to further their career dreams in regards to the various majors that IIT offers.


IIT is great


The thing that is unique about it is the fact that it is, out of the others I considered, the best school that hosts my major of civil engineering.


It is in Chicago and offers discounts on anything in the city.


More career focused and more acadmically focused.


We have interprofessional projects (IPROS) that help immensely in learning about your major.


Small campus, "interesting" surroundings, awesome Chicago, and Shimer colelge sharing campus space.


Although the university is in a large city the campus has large green areas. Alot of students sit, eat and read on the green areas. These areas are used for the new "frisbee golf" they recently added, and playing football and soccer. The most open of these areas are right in front of the building I use most, which is Crown Hall. I once saw a HUGE snowball fight in this area at 3 in the morning :) It was great to see people taking a brake from the intense homework load.


There is a real nice student to faculty ratio.


It is located in the city, complete with public transportation on campus, and yet it maintains a suburban feel. It is also small enough to be a real community, not just a bunch of people crowded together who pass each other on the sidewalks from time to time.