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What kind of person should not attend this school?


I think someone who expects the stereotypical college experience of constant partying, large sporting events, unruly greek life, etc., will be disappointed that IIT is not like that. Though IIT can have their moments of such kind of social activities, most social gatherings take a more intimate and calmer approach. There is a definite preference for quality of the company rather than the quantity.


Those who do not want to work should not go to IIT. almost everyone has a place here, but those that want to simply sit back every day, skip classes, ditch tests, pay for homework answers and essays; those are the people who should not go to this school.


The type of person who should not attend this school is, for the lack of a better word, a lazy student. The students who are enrolled here work hard and are studious. The library, as well as other buildings, are frequently filled with students who want to better thermselves by preparing for class and forming study groups to comprehend theories applicable to their major. I feel a person who is lazy will fail to grow, not only as a student, but as an individual. I, for one, learned a lot about myself by coming here and pushing myself daily.


Anyone should intend to enroll here, because so many different majors are offered here, even ones that people do not expect.


A person who is not willing to work to the best of their ability


People who do not like a competive or fast-paced classroom setting will struggle at IIT even if they do fit in with the steroetypical "nerdy" personality quirks of the student body.


IIT is a very academic driven college. The student life on college does not match that of other colleges. If your are looking for a very social college with more events then you can imagine, then this is not the college for you. A student who wishes to see and play many different sports should not attend this school. Those students who wish to pursue a degree in that arts or a degree in an english subject also should not attend IIT.


If someone isn't self motivated then this school is not for him or her. While we have professors that are willing to guide us, we all have to put more effort than required. The school is competitie and challenging. One must be motivated and disciplined to complete all tasks. One may have to put more than 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}.


A person who percieves college as a place just to party all time like in some movies.


Everyone is welcomed to Illinois Institute of Technology, but I wouldn't recommend especially 'architecture' major to the people who doesn't have artistic talent because architecture field is kind of hard to survive unless you are very talented in various ways. Also, architecture curriculum is extremely hard to bear because we hardly sleep since we have too much works to do. But if anyone has enthusiastic love to architecture, they are welcomed to our school. I hope everyone decide wisely in order to choose right major for their life.


Any one can attend this school if they're hard working . Students who don't take their education seriously or slack off should not attend IIT.


Anyone who likes to party, and thinks that partying is what college is all about. also anyone not willing to put in work.


I'm not really sure. If you're looking for a state school experience, you won't really get it here.


People that are not going to class and are not dedicated to succeed should not go to this school.


IIT is a very academically focused school. Although there are parties and events on campus, this most definitely isn't for party-goer. However, if a former party-goer wants to buckle up and get serious, this is the place to be. This really isn't a liberal arts school, so there aren't many options for art classes, humanities, and english. Art classes are mostly theory and for the most part are meant for architecture students. On the plus end, there is Vander Cook School of Music for those who are musically skilled.


A person that is not open minded about other cultures and that isn't interested in learning or having a good education should consider another school. IIT is a challenging school and even though we, students, complain a lot, it benefits us in the long run. So if you don't want to learn more about the world and be an educated person, than IIT wouldn't be a very smart pick for a school.


Those who do not place much emphasis on learning, who are not responsable for themselves or rude ones.


people not willing to work hard.


People should not attend IIT if they lack skills in mathematics or any of the sciences.


a person who is not hard working and has no time to study and put effort behind books and classes.


Those that love Division I sports.


anyone who is willing to work hard and has a great value for education should attend this school.


Someone that should not attend this school would be someone that does not take school very seriously. This school can be demanding and may require a lot of work and if someone is not serious then they can easily fall behind. Also if a person is not very sociable they should not attend because there are a lot of events and programs that should be taken advantage of and provide great opportunities to meet new friends. One more thing is that this campus is close to a major city so if someone does not like that they should not attend.


A person who isn't interested in putting forth an effort into their education shouldn't attend IIT. If you aren't willing to push yourself to the limit and find pure motivation from within, then you probably shouldn't attend IIT. If someone isn't hard working towards an excellent degree at a very prestige school, that person would not attend IIT.


Anyone who wants a "General Education" would not fit in very well with this college, since the courses are very technical and indepth. A person who prefers the arts to the sciences does not have much reason to attend this college, and should focus their searches elsewhere.


If you rather like the life of a state school, don't need the scholorship money, or possibly if you are not in engineering or architecture.


anyone who does not want to pursue an artistic career, doesn't care about athletics/school spirit, doesn't like industrial architecture, likes small classes, needs lots of social attention, or isn't hardcore about what they want to study


A person who is not academically focused and one who likes being the center of attention


Someone without a mathematical mindset, unless applying to the psychology or architecture departments, should not attend this school. High-level math is too important to the majority of the engineering coursework to not be able to understand it.


Someone who is not willing to put a good effort into their schoolwork and/or is looking for to party 24/7.


A partier.


Someone looking for a party atmoshpere. This school is very rigorous and will not allow you to fully enjoy the "best years of your life."


Someone who is super unsure of what major they want.


A person who would not be dedicated to getting an education, or going to school simply to party.


If you are not career oriented, this isn't for you.