Illinois Institute of Technology Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The academic pressure. Many students have commented that this university has much higher academic standards and workload requirements that others they have attended. While I agree with this sentiment I also believe the professors to be fair and understanding individuals. All of the professors have many years of expertise in research, field-related careers, or education, if not some combination of the three, and they desire to push the students to excel in the necessary areas.


The most frustrating thing about his school is the lack of common sense. Professors rely on the academic structure rather than applying practical situtations. It is frustrating to have to supplement education with further research and actions, when the school is extremely expensive and should be providing this information and these types of resources. Everyone (professors and students) is extremely opinionated and narrow-minded.


The most frustrating thing about Illinois Institute of Technology is the deteriorating classrooms and buildings. There are several academic buildings that are in need of a restoration. There are cracks in the ceiling that leak water. However plans are being made to restore the buildings during the summer, when classes are out.


The weather of northern areas are horrifying, for the love of god stay indoors in the winter


One thing I could identify as the most frustrating about Illinois Institute of Technology is not being able to always get the help I need. The school has a department called the ARC where students can go looking for tutors for almost all majors but unfortunately, they are not always as of much help as expected. The school also does not have a big variety of options for people who are interested in different majors other than just Architecture and Engineering.


Nothing. More often than not the Professors are great, the housing and food is good, and the students by and large are very intelligent and interesting.


As a changing and improving school, IIT is revising and modifying many of its policies. Many times, these policy changes seems to come out of nowhere, be applied with little regard for student input, or give different reasons for a change in order to spin the change positively. It isn't all the time and it certainly isn't with malice, but it is frustrating to so involved in many aspects of the school and then see the school make blunders that could have been avoided by student involvement and input.


There aren't a lot of sports options to play. The university has a very limited choice when it comes to sports.


The most frustrating thing about my school would be the location of the school. I wish we were located in a better area so safety would not be such a great concern to my parents.,,


No social life and no funding opportunties


Well, I would say the most frustrating for me would be that since there are so many students here where English was not their first language it is hard to understand what some of them are saying. Also this challange continues too the teachers who almost always have an accent.


The required payment of fees for services that I will never require or wish to utilize. Specifically the required purchase of a mass transit pass that is only useful in the city when all of my classes will be at a campus that is only three minutes from my home.


very few research opportunities which are too hard to get in.. :(


The most frustrating thing about my school is the atmosphere. It is boring and lacks school spirit. Also, the school cut funding for both basketball teams and they lack a football team.


Knowing how much you owe to the school as there are often mistakes in tuition and the staff seems very un-helpfull.


Frustration: Worrying about how you're going to make thousands of dollars to pay your school bills while still focus on your studies at the same time.


The location can be challenging for commuters, city traffic can add a significant commitment of time.


I have been in school for a full year now and my first semester, I had to drop 2 classes which I took against my advisor's referral. If there were something I could say I was frustrated about, it would be the school's unspoken assumption that every new student just finished high school or just transferred from another institute of higher learning. There are no "refresher" courses being offered for individuals such as myself. I have been out of school for almost 20 years. Even tutoring is offered in a way that assumes remembrance of all prior knowledge.


Dealing with the administration... of the financial aid people. However, those are really the only 2 departments with so many issues.


The workload of courses is very intense and leaves little time for activities outside of the classrooom. If you want to socialize with other people it usually means going off campus. Most places to socialize off campus also require you to be 21 or older.


Trying to get in contact with some students. The school is not receptive to students who need advising. Often an issue is very easily overlooked unless it is in fact a severe case.


The workload. It seems like we are given way too much work than we have time to do good quality work for. As a result, we end up giving some courses the best effort and other mediocre input.


The school is predominantly male, with mostly engineering courses. Oftentimes friends simply get together just to play video games, rather than do something more exciting (to me, that is) or even somewhat productive. Many people have no interest in taking time to give back to the community. Luckily, though, we still have several groups who do, such as the religious groups on campus.


The lack of time to spent on social life as well as the relatively high tuition cost.


It would be nice to see the school not waste full tuition scholarships on students that drop out or change schools their freshmen year. I could use the cash.


Not enough social activities and clubs.


Some offices at the school aren't really that attentive to the needs of the students and don't try to resolve issues or problems on campus.


Too much work, very fast paced, hard to keep up.


The cost of attendance and the financial aid people. They do not care about students in difficult situations, its either pay up or get out


not enough financial aid given out. easy to lose it.


We don't have anything binding us together. There's no spirit because most people don't have a good reason to be spirited. Our strongest talents need more publicity. For example, there are many students very talented in martial arts that go to this school, but there is no team, or even an intramural club for them to interact or be watched and praised.