Illinois State University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Illinois State is a welcoming, exciting place to atttend. With so many students, the opportunities are endless, but yet there's still a small school feel that makes it very easy to get to know professors and customize your education.


Very friendly place and basically anyone would fit in no matter what your major is.


My school is everything I could've imagined and more; it is my new home.


the place that is provinding the opportunity to provide for my famlily in the future.


Illinois State University is a really good school to attend for business majors and about decent for other majors.


ISU was a very inter-connected and friendly environment that provided ample assistance for students of all walks of life.


Illinois State University is a great choice if you are looking for a big beautiful campus to meet new people and also want the opportunity to get great help professors and advisors.


Illinois State Univesity, as cliche as it might be, is truly your home away from home.


Illinois State is a very welcoming and friendly enviorment!


When I first visited ISU, it was a grey, rainy day, and we were given a presentation in Braden Auditorium, which looked terribly out-dated. All of the seats, carpet, and walls were the same disgusting orange color, and I sat there and thought to myself, "how can I go to a school for interior design that has such an ugly auditorium?!" In addition, walking around outside on a rainy day is always a bummer, so I had a general bad feeling about the school. Many of the buildings are old, but an equal number have been updated and are technologically advanced, which is something that you can't see unless you visit every building. To someone who has never seen ISU, upon first glance on a rainy day, it can look old and out-dated, but on a sunny day, it is quite the opposite.


Illinois State University has a wide and diverse body so students with enthusiastic and smart teachers and a great variety of activities to be a part of.


A medium-sized centralized quad, with lots and lots of trees and plenty of open walk ways! Oh yeah and a shoddy looking football stadium.


The town of Normal was built around the university. However, the campus is big, there are 6 dorms and 2 off campus apartment complexes. The Quad has all the academic building which are less than a 6 min walk to walk across the Quad. The Stadium and Arena are off campus a little but they are really nice. The library is 6 floors with multiple computer labs. There are many food vendors on campus such as Subway, Burger King, Jamba Juice, Freshens, Pizaa Hut, McClaister Deli, and Einestein Bros Bagels. The Rec Center is state of the art, with a rock wall, pool, basketball court, equipment, and there are classes you can to stay fit, operating hours are early early morining to late at night. Guess what... All these services are FREE to ISU students!!


Illinois State University is a smaller campus. You can walk from one end of campus to ther other in about ten minutes. There are several areas of residence halls. There is a beautiful quad where students can study, play games, and take pictures. The grounds committee does very well maintaining the quad's appearance. The quad is full of trees, one of every type of tree found in Illinois can be found on Illinois State University's campus. The quad is surrounded by academic buildings, so the setting feels like a small school. Two laps around the quad equals one mile. We have a castle on campus!! Illiniois' past governor, John Peter Altgeld loved the gothic-style castles. He had castles constructed on five Illinois University campuses. It is rumored that if these castles were aligned, they would form one huge castle. About a 3-5 minute walk from the quad will take you to the football field and Redbird Arena. Ober this way, there is also the Horton Field House, tri towers (residence halls), and a couple of academic buildings.


Illinois State University is a great school with so many opportunities for everyone , no matter what major.


This is an excellent school, very easy to fit into and better yourself!


I.S.U. is a diverse school offering many different academic and extracurricular options.


Illinois State University sees its students as individuals and focuses on getting you to the goal you want to reach.


Illinois State University is a big school that offers many majors, a diverse student body, many extra curricular activities in a town that is not too big, but also not too small.


My school is amazing and it feels like home.


Illinois state is a pretty big school that is very well maintained and upkept with a beautiful quad (which is a arboretum containing every tree native to illinois), lots of friendly people, and very helpful professors.


Illinois State University is a big school with a small school feel.


Illinois State University is fun, exciting, unique, diverse, thrilling, difficult, but most of all-- fulfilling.


Illinois State University has a great atmosphere to learn as well as have fun.


Illinois State University is a small campus with a big campus feel. Its students are diverse and unique in every way possible. The individuals who attend ISU care about their education and want to make a difference. This institution is a very positive one and has many distinguished alumni.


Illinois State University is absolutely amazing because it has something for everyone; including hundreds of resident students orginizatoins such as Capture the Flag and Students Serving Individuals with Disabilities so that students may have clean fun and serve their community while obtaining their college degree.


A teaching school that focuses on other areas as well?


It is a very good education school.


My school is big, has spacious dorm rooms, a beautiful quad, and lots of fun activities you can do when you're not in class or working on homework.


Illinois State University is a large school with a small school feel, which makes students feel comfortable and at home.


The layout of the buildings is situated as a big square which makes getting to class as painless as possible and there is a lot of diversity within the entire class body.


Illinois State is unorganized in the sense the classes are not easy to register because they do not provide enough courses per semester without prereqs and blocks but social-wise, very easy to get get involved in activities.


My school is a very diverse school that encourages academic competition and is just the right size.


Illinois State University is just like any school, it will be as great as you make it, the experience is in your hands.


Illinois State University is a school that encourages independence and proactive students in the community, and expects high standards of the students who attend.


Great for teaching, nursing, and business.


My school is extremely dedicated to the success of each and every student that attends.


ISU is a friendly, but acedemically grounded school that takes pride in its staff, students and atheltics.


I absolutely love my school because it has so much to offer socially and academically.


Not just a great education, but an unforgettable experience.


Illinois State is the shit!


A school with a great academic reputation, one with a first class faculty, one that will prepare you to get a job when you finish, and one whose alumni are successful.


Easy going environment and extremely friendly.


This University makes a lot of promises that it does not keep.


Illinois State University is a school that is just the right size for me.


Concetrated on individual students learning, by creating small clas rooms.


Illinois State University is a great school for education majors and it has a "warm and fluffy" atmosphere that fits my personality exactly.


It's what you make of it.


A big school that has a small school feel in the classroom.


Illinois State is a friendly and open campus focused on bettering their students academically as well as personally.