Illinois State University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


As a political science and Spanish major, I have encountered a diverse and enthusiastic student body, best described as active within their respective communities.


Since I'm an art student I meet really interesting people and end up getting kind of close to my classmates.


In the more career specific classes, my classmates are more engaged in the class, but the general education classes seem to have more slackers.


I would describe my classmates as hardworking and friendly.


My classment are nice and for the most part helpful.


My classmates are the average students for the most part: middle class, bright, and pretty normal.


My classmates tend not to look like me!! What I mean by that is they are usually caucasion and not African American. This dodnt really bother me that much until we talk about an issue on African Americans and they all expect me and the rest of the blacks to respond.


They are a great group of people, who are open to anything, and they want to meet people like you and want to see what college is all about.


They're caring and willing to help if I dont understand something.


My classmates are interesting, intellectual human beings.


The classmate at Illinois State University are very friendly and healpful in and out of the classroom.