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you can cater your education to your schedule and wants.


It has a very "homey" feeling about it. Even though students are away from home and are missing their families, there are opportunities for students to find their second families around campus. The school makes you feel close and that it's okay to be away from your parents.


Although many other colleges have a lot of school spirit, I feel like at ISU we never give up on our teams no matter what their win-lose record is. Football and men's basketball usually attract the most people, and the fans are always great. As a member of the marching band, it's always fun to play our fight song to get the fans into the game.


This school offers one of the very few in the country, a BA degree in special education in low vision and blindness. It is a very rare and special skill to learn and trade to then teach to others, it will be an honor to attend ISU.


Illinois State University is the perfect combination of the lagre school feel but the small school atmosophere. The is a lot of school spirt and everyone loves to spred the red. Illinois State is the perfect school for everyone.


Research opportunities, career guidance, support for furthering education past undergraduate degrees.


For the education program, Illinois State University offers a year-long internship called "PDS" (Professional Development School). With this program, you are granted a full year as a student teacher, interacting with two different grade levels. You are in the classroom 3 days a week at a minimum, and you take your senior method courses at whichever site you choose to be located at. There are several locations spread across the Chicagoland area, and a few in central Illinois, making it very convenient to choose a place to live when considering this program.


Illinois State University is known for the quality of teachers that graduate from the school. The research high school is a great opportunity for future teachers to learn, apply their knowledge, and attempt new strategies before entering into the work force. For the sciences, the research facilities are top of the line. Each professor is well-educated, published, and professional. A few of Illinois State’s notable alumni went on to become famous television actors, such as Jane Lynch, who stars in Glee, and Laurie Metcalf, who appeared in Roseanne.


What’s unique about Illinois State compared to others is the city that it’s located. Normal is far different from my hometown and other schools considered! It’s not congested with working professionals nor is it a ghost town. Illinois State alone almost makes up for the entire activity within the city. Many of the surrounding businesses are catered to the college students. Also, the town of Bloomington is right up the street that’s booming with many businesses, malls, movies and restaurants in case the students want to get away for a big city feel!


Illinois State University is unique considered to other schools I visited because even though there are 25,000 kids that attend the University, the campus is relatively small. All the academic buildings are close together and very easy to find. It did not take long to learn my way around te campus compared to other campuses.


When I was preparing to apply for college I did not have a long list of schools to consider because of my unique major. Illinois State offered Music Therapy, making it unique, as well as being the college my family has gone to, where a good friend was going, and it was a "not too big not too small" kind of school with a beautiful quad.


ISU had degree programs that went above and beyond other schools in order to best prepare students for life after graduation.


This campus is great! There are so many cool facts about it too :) The 11th floor of the resicence hall known as Atkin (where I live!!) is in the top 10 haunted places in the state of IL. One of the academic buildings is known to be haunted by a former librarian. Illinois State University was the first public state university in Illinois, founded in 1857. Watterson Towers (residence halls) are the tallest buildings between Chicago and St. Louis. These towers are also the tallest residence halls in the state of IL.


I really only cosidered Illinois State University since I knew it had a good education program. But eventhough Illinois State is a big school with over 20,000 students, you are still able to get to know people and become close. Some of the classes are even small so you become close with the people in that class and close with the teacher.


The students on campus are all friendly and the campus offers lots of resources and means for getting homework help. Other schools I looked at seemed to focus more on quantity rather than quality.


One of the most underrated schools.


I attended Heartland Community Coillege for the first two years of college. I always wanted to attend a university, and I ended up liking the town, and I had already made many friends there, so I decided to finish my degree at Illinois State University.


The thing thats unque about my school compared to other schools and the way students are friendly, trustworthy, and care about one another. When I attend new classes for the new semster I know there's someone in class willing to sit next to me and be my friend. When I mistakenly leave behind my flashdrive in class, I know someone has reported and upon arriving to class next time I'm sure of where to find it. My fellow peers are always caring if someone needs help on campus and are gladly to lend a helping hand.


SInce my high school was so large (over 4,500 students), I felt like attending a small school was almost like a step backwards for me in terms of meeting interesting people, available activities and opportunities, etc. However, some large state university campuses I visited were too spread out and congested for me. I really like Illinois State because it is a large campus that offers so much in terms of academic and social opportunites, but it is easy to navigate and has a smaller, friendlier vibe.


Illinois State University has its entire campus surrounding the quad and there is never more than a eight minute walk from one class to another. Also the school administrators have set up a group of advisors specifically for freshman who will work tirelessly to ensure that you can assimilate into college and dorm life with as little interruption as possible. I have had no shortage of help in maintaining good grades. Beyond the class room ISU has over 300 register student organizations that are perfect ways to meet new people. and build your resume.


The best thing about my school is we pride ourselves on being a large campus with small campus feel, there are many students that go to Illinois State, yet there are small classes that provide students with a comfortable easy to relax and calm enviroment without the stress of too many kids in the classroom also the faculty here is so willing to inveset so much time that there is no reason to fail.


Illinois State University is unique in the fact that it is the size where one can be a completely different person and start over if they so desire, or the person can be well known and popular. Another unique feature of ISU is our Arboretum founded by Jesse Fell a long time ago. There are a lot of different majors and fields of study at ISU.


Illinois state University is very affordable, and the admission and financial aid offices really work hard, so you are able to get the education you need.


The beauty of the quad year round and the ability for students who have never met to be so nice to one another when they first meet.


It's small and accessible which is nice, most classes are located on the quad so it take five to ten minutes to walk to each one. Also our quad is an arboritum, it contains every tree that is natural to Illinois. It is near a quaint "uptown" that contains local cafes and coffeeshops, record shops, a book store, and other stores that support local derived goods.


Average state school


This school is very welcoming. When I was in between deciding what school to go to I visited ISU and the answer was clear. I instantly felt at home and I could picture myself attending class and sporting events, and just living happily here. This school is very focused on its students, and almost every major must complete an internship of some sort to obtain experience in their field before graduating and entering the work force. We have great activities and extracurriculars for students to do in their free time so their is never a dull moment at this school.


This is a school for prospective educators and it shows.


I am a Family Consumer Science-Interior and Envrionmental Design Major. Illinois State University is one of two state schools that offers an Interior Design degree. Of those two, Southern Illinois Univeristy and Illinois State University, ISU was the only one to have a two year curriculum for students transferring with an Associate Degree. This is basically the only reason I chose ISU.


cute campus small feel but still really big


The professors generally do care about their students, even though it is a large school.


I really like how close campus is to the residence halls and how close the campus is to each other. It is nice to be able to scheduel classes 10 minutes with in each other and ake to all on time.


The most unique thing is the amount of students attending in such a small campus. The other schools I was accepted to were either small or very big. I love the way everything is close together; it makes it easy to get to class and to go to events on campus.


ISU is a big university with that small town university feel. It's cozy and inviting, but big enough that you have a lot of opportunities to network. It's a great environment, so welcoming, unlike any I've ever seen before.


the teaching program


ISU is such a large school but one feels like an true individual at the school, not just another student.


It's diverse and the campus is pretty.


There is a lot of afforadable off campus housing.


the diversity


I love being at Illinois State University because no matter how many people are attending the school you always feel like your a part of a family. When you are walking to class people will smile at you as you pass and there are many clubs and groups in the Quad that are always trying to get you to join their team and to make more friends. I love how open the school is and friendly all the people are.