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Illinois State University

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Describe a day on campus you'll never forget.

I will never forget the night that all of ISU celebrated the nation's victory over Bin Laden. Students were marching in the streets and signing the National Anthem! This celebration was huge! I remember I looked out my window and saw Main Street FILLED with people and hearing singing! I didn't participate because it was late at night, and I had an early class the next morning, but I heard some friends tell me that it was a pretty awesome experience. Several thousand students joined together to express their love for their country, and to celebrate a victory of being free from our worst enemy at the time.

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I will absolutely never forget the night that Osama Bin Laden was killed. There were people EVERYWHERE rallying. The streets were absolutely filled with students showing support for their country. If you get a chance, search Osama death ISU rally to see the unity among ISU students. It was absolutely amazing and no words can describe how amazing it felt to be a part of this student body.

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The day Obama won the election race for President in 2008, there were so many students and people out having marches, it was so many people out they had to get the University Police to make sure everything stayed under control. It was a pretty cool night, people didn't go inside until like 1am and it was a school night.

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