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Describe a typical weekend.

Weekends here at ISU can be fun or boring. Sometimes you have to catch up on homework and spend your weekend doing that. However, most weekends you are presented with many social activities to participate in. Quite a few students leave on the weekends to go home, so your floor will be quieter than normal. Although, I do not have a job while attending ISU, I plan to next semester, and my weekends will most likely be my time to work. So, the weekends at ISU are really whatever you can make of them :-)

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A typical weekend for me would consist of studying. Starting Friday, I would just relax a little after a hard week of learning. If there is any University sponsored events going on I would got to. Saturday, I would do most of my studying. I don't go out to parties or alot of social stuff as much, I like to hang out with my friends, catch a movie, chill and cook. Sunday, I would catch up with any studying I haven't done and watch movies and relax the rest of the day

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