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Tell us about the food and dining options.

The campus provides a wide variety of things to eat. Each dining hall, there are currently three, has many different choices and they have different specials each meal so that you are not stuck eating the same thing every day. Some of the things you can get at the dining halls include salads, pizza, deli sandwiches, pasta (they have marinara and alfredo sauce), burgers, grilled cheese, chicken sandwiches, quesadillas, tacos, fruit, ice cream, and other sweet things. Some of the specials can include orange chicken, buffalo chicken salad, lasagna, steak, mashed potato, and many others. Besides the dining hall the campus provides other choices of food places such as subway, pizza hut, mcallister's delli, einstein brothers bagels, jamba juice, and burger king. There are also multiple fast food restraunts, ice cream places, pizza places, and restraunts in walking distance from the campus. There are also city busses, which are free to ISU students, that run to the mall (which also has many restraunts by it), target, walmart, and more.

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There is food everwhere! In the dorms, the student center, and a couple "cafes" in academic buildings. In the dorms, there are dining centers, vending machines and Subway. In the Bone Student Center we have Burger King, McAllister's (which is kind of like a Panera Bread), Einstein's Bagles, Pizza Hut, Freshen's (a smoothie and fro-yo place), and a little shop where you can get drinks and snacks. There is a Jamba Juice in the new rec center :-) There are also a few close restaurants. There is an Avanti's (Italian restaurant) right across the street from campus. There is Noodle's and Company, Meatheads, Potbelly's, and McDonald's along Main Street, which is right outside of campus. And this is to just name a few. There is always options... you will never go hungry here!

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There are outside vendors to enjoy that are on campus, Pizza Hut, Subway (which is inside of 3 dorms) Burger King, Freshens, Einstein Bros. Bagels, McAlister Deli. The dorms, West Campus has 1 central location for the 3 dorms in that area to eat from. (West Campus has the best food in my opinion) Watterson Towers food is fairly good, newly remodeled dining center, East Campus doesn't have a dining center so residents have to walk over to Watterson to get food. The walk isn't long less than 5 min. All the food is pretty good, after a while you get tried of it but the food isnt bland, the chefs that cook are really good at what they do. There are so many options of food and they are all delicious from breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even a midnight snack.

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