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Illinois State University

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Tell us about the sports scene on campus.

There are quite a few sports offered at ISU. There is football, volleyball, baseball, softball, tennis, basketball, swimming, and much much more! However, I personally am not a sports maniac, so I do not know much more than what is offered... I have only gone to one football game, one basketball game, and one gymnastics meet since I have been here. If you have questions, I am sure I can find out for you :-)

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Our campus has so much school spirit. Our campus is really into basketball season and we get pretty competitive with Bradley University. Every game is so much fun, and during homecoming there is a pretty big tailgating event for the football game. I like watching the games, but my favorite part is the school spirit.

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The Basket Ball and Football teams are ok.. Baseball and Track are pretty good. The students are filled with a lot of school pride, so when ever you go to an sporting event it will be lots of fun!!!

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