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What do people really wear to class?

You will see all kinds of wardrobes in your classes here! Many students go all for comfort with sweatpants and t-shirts, maybe yoga pants. Many people will be found in jeans, and then you also see the students who want to be cute for class. Generally guys wear jeans and girls are found in t-shirts and pony tails, especially if it's an early class. However, the business department requires that students dress professionally for certain classes, so you will see many students wandering around campus in suits or formal clothing. Nursing students are often times spotted in scrubs wandering around campus as well. All in all, wear what you want and I can guarantee you won't feel out of place!

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Clothes. Some people who are business majors will wear their business suits all day long to every class. Some people literally roll out of bed right before class and show up in their pajamas. Most people wear whatever they are comfortable with wearing.

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