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What's the Greek scene like?

There are many fraternities and sororities on campus. They are all of different types: community service based, honors based, and social based. I am not involved in the Greek scene. I was inducted into a honor's fraternity my freshman year, Alpha Lambda Delta. However, this fraternity was discontinued on our campus because they couldn't find a new adviser for it. If you have more questions about the Greek scene, I could find that information via ISU's website and/or friends. Also, I must mention that I am not a huge fan of the Greek life. Unfortunately, on the weekends parties get busted quite often. And there is foul play at some fraternities. Last spring, a frat house burned to the ground, and the cause was a fire which started in the attic, but they weren't sure how it started. And I know a couple years ago, a frat was banned from campus because they had a "rape room" in their house. I understand not all fraternities are like this, but you need to be really careful when deciding what Greek house you want to party at, and if you want to join a fraternity/sorority, be sure you know what they are all about before making your decision.

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