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Where is the best place to get work done on campus?

At ISU, we have a 6 story library (Milner) that many students go to do homework or study There are computers, tables to have study groups, and "cubicles" for alone study time on every floor. However, there are many other places on campus that can utilized for study/homework places. Personally, I like the comfort of my own room. It rarely gets too noisy on my floor, but when it does, I just put some earplugs in, which works. Also, I have done studying before at Cook Hall (the campus "castle"- litterally). This is the music department building, but there are sound rooms downstairs that students can play their instruments or play piano. I have gone down there just to be alone and read or write. Instrumental music is the best to relax to! :) We have a large "lounge" on the top floor of our Bone Student Center (the atrium) that some students use as a study area. And in the warmer months, students can be seen studying in the courtyard of the Student Center. There are study rooms also found in various academic buildings that I have heard my friends talk about. In addition, there are quite a few computer labs on campus that are open to students at pretty much any time during the week days. These labs come in handy when you're having problems with your laptop in your rooms.

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The library, they also have small private rooms you can study in.

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