Illinois State University Top Questions

Describe the best and worst parts of the social scene on campus.


The best part of the social scene is that there are so much offered. We have over 200 registered student organizations. There is always something to do and so many people to meet. Social get-togethers are found all throughout campus. There are even opportunities for you to set up your own student organization! All you have to do is go to the Student Involvement Center, and they can help you set up a brand new organization! :-) The worst part would probably have to be the crime on campus. There isn't much, but the type of crimes can get some people nervous. This is my 3rd year at ISU, and I can say that I have only received less than 15 crime advisory emails from the ISU police department (each time a student calls and reports a crime, the PD sends out a report to the whole campus). The types of crimes I have read about are people getting mugged around campus. There have also been "break-ins" at dorms and apartments that people failed to lock their doors. However, I find ISU to be one of the safest universities. Along the quad we have "blue towers" that you can run to and press the button, and within 3-5 minutes the police department will show up. ISU has access to their own personal police deparment, the Normal-Bloomington police department, and the McLean county police department. Due to this, I believe this campus is one of the safest.

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