Illinois State University Top Questions

Describe the dorms.


Sadly, the dorms that I currently live in are being closed down next year. Starting next fall, there will be four main residence areas: Watterson Towers, Hewitt-Manchester, Tri Towers, and Cardinal Court. Cardinal Court will be brand new, and these will be for Sophomores. They will be "apartment-like dorms" where two rooms will share a bathroom, but that is all I know for sure as of now. Watterson Towers are the tallest residence halls in the state of Illinois. There are two towers, each 27 stories tall. You have the main lobby, then every five floors make a "house." The way to maneuver in these is odd to me-- the elevator only goes up to the third floor of each "house" and then you have to go either up or downstairs to get to the floor you live on (unless you live on the 3rd floor of course). The top floor is a beautiful place to visit. You can see the entire Bloomington-Normal area from these windows! And watch some awesome sunrises/sunsets! :-) Hewitt-Manchester 17 stories each. These dorms hold the International Housing and have other "themed" floors, such as the community service floor. I believe you have to apply to live on these floors, but I may be wrong. Tri Towers is next to the football field, baseball field, and Redbird Arena. Most athletes and people in the ROTC program live in these residence halls, though they are open for anybody. I believe that if you live in the dorms, then you truly capture the college experience :-)

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