Illinois State University Top Questions

Describe your school to someone who's never heard of it.


Illinois State University is located in Normal, IL, which is the northern part of Central IL. The town of Normal has a population of about 75,000, so it is a decent size. It allows for a peaceful campus town, as well as a town full of opportunities (internships and volunteering). ISU is normally (no pun intended) credited for its education programs for future teachers. While I was in high school (3 years ago), I heard a statistic that one out of ten teachers in the nation (or state of IL; now I can't remember) graduated from Illinois State University. ISU has so much to offer! From a large number of choices of majors to a seemingly endless list of activities. The campus of ISU is smaller than most. We have a quad that is used for many activities including: concerts, ultimate frisbee practice, other sports practices, quidditch (ISU has their own team!), sitting quietly and reading, writing, or making artwork. It is a beautiful campus too :)


ISU is located in Normal, IL (the north part of Central IL). The town of Normal is smaller than most cities up north. It has a very "homely" feel because it is a great town that families come to to raise their children. Illinois State University is a smaller campus. You can walk from one end of campus to ther other in about ten minutes. There are several areas of residence halls. There is a beautiful quad where students can study, play games, and take pictures. The grounds committee does very well maintaining the quad's appearance. The quad is full of trees, one of every type of tree found in Illinois can be found on Illinois State University's campus. The quad is surrounded by academic buildings, so the setting feels like a small school. Two laps around the quad equals one mile. We have a castle on campus!! Illiniois' past governor, John Peter Altgeld loved the gothic-style castles. He had castles constructed on five Illinois University campuses. It is rumored that if these castles were aligned, they would form one huge castle. About a 3-5 minute walk from the quad will take you to the football field and Redbird Arena. Ober this way, there is also the Horton Field House, tri towers (residence halls), and a couple of academic buildings.

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