Illinois State University Top Questions

Tell us about your professors.


I am a Junior, and I have only had one professor that I did not like, which is amazing! Although, I have mostly dealt with psychology professors, I have many friends in other departments that say the same about their professors. The professors at ISU do want to get to know you. They have office hours, in which they make themselves personally available for you. You can go to ask questions about class, ask them to proofread a paper, or just to stop and say hi. Professors at ISU seem to really care that you're getting the education you need. Not only do they have office hours, but they provide contact information so that you can personally set up an appointment to meet with them if their office hours do not work. There are also opportunities at ISU in which you can get to know your professors on a more personal basis. There are teaching assistant and research apprenticeship opportunities. In some departments, these positions are for pay (unfortunately, not psychology), but most departments will give you class credit for these opportunities. The opportunities can help you get to know professors more, and they get to know you better so that they can write you good letters of recommendation in your future.

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