Illinois State University Top Questions

What are some hot-button issues on campus?


Most of the "issues" discussed on campus deal with the individual. A lot of these issues deal with mental health- depression, eating disorders, rape (trauma) victimization and prevention. There are other campaigns that go on about the GBLT population. These campaigns usually just let everyone aware that everybody has a choice, and that they shouldn't be given a hard time because of their choice. Illinois State University does care about what you are going through, and the Student Health Services are always putting stuff out there (fliers and activiites) to reach students to let them know they are not alone, and there is always help. ISU is also very good at being informative to always step in to "save the day." And it is evident students are learning and taking advantage of this. Students are always using the "buddy system" when they go out. Also, there is the "safe patrol" or something along those lines- you can call ISU PD to get somebody to walk you back to your dorm or to a campus location late at night.

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