Illinois State University Top Questions

What are your classes like?


If you look hard enough you can find some easy classes. Most classes are an average workload. Ocassionally, especially in 300 level classes, teachers do expect more and classes can be significantly more time consuming, but not neccassarily, "harder".


I am a Medical Lab Science major, so my classes are only on Tuesday and Thursday from 8am-4pm with small breaks in between, not enough to get a little nap in. Im in class with the same 29 students for the whole day, and 2 profs. My classes are interesting and fun. I have labs, so we get the hands on learning. Sometimes my days are long, but I dont have classes on Monday Wednesday of Friday which is awesome.


Classes here at ISU vary. There are lecture classes, which can have up to 200 students in them, and there are smaller classes (usually major-based) that can have as little as 30 students. Although the large classes may seem intimidating, majority of the professors will take their time to answer any students who have questions. There are also a few teacher's assistants available per class that are willing to help students as well. I have found that if you attend class regularly, be active in discussion, keep up with the reading, and take notes, then you will do fine in the class (grade wise).

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