Illinois State University Top Questions

What's the hardest thing about freshman year?


The hardest thing during freshman year is learning to manage your time. College is different than high school. In high school, the teachers tell you on a daily basis when certain assignments are assigned and due. Not the case in college. On the first day, professors give you the syllabus of the semester, and expect you to follow it. Sometimes, professors will remember to remind you when assignments are due, but not that often. You have to manage your time to keep up to date on the syllabus as well as everything else you're involved in.


For me, the hardest part was being away from everything I was familiar with. I came to ISU not knowing anyone and all of my friends went to other schools. It was a huge adjustment, but it was the perfect way for me to get out there and find out who I really was and what I wanted out of my college experience. It really didn't take as long as I thought to get acclimated to the college life.

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