Illinois State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


As it is with any college, it is expensive. The in-state tuition is not astronomically high, but it is too high for someone to afford without the use of private bank loans.


Although it is pretty difficult figuring out a bad characteristic of Illinois State University, I think the worst thing about the university is the internet availability. It does not cause problems often, but there have been some occasions when the internet is not available to students in the resident halls or in the recreational center. This is quite the nuisance when a student is attempting to complete online course work or, like any typical college student, watch Netflix.


The worst thing about my school is that they don't shovel/plow enough in the winter which makes walking to class difficult.


the gen-ed classes being so big its hard to meet new people.


Sometimes the distance to classes is ridiculous, its like you walk a mile for a class that is 50 minutes long.2


It doesn't really give me the full hands on experience I need for my Advertising Major. I came here for a year to save my single mom some money but I feel a city school would give me a much better opportunity to intern and discover what Advertising really is. Also, Illinois State University doesn't even have an advertising major, the closest thing is visual communication which wouldn't really give me the direct training and experience to pursue what I really want to do.


The worst thing about Illinois State in my oppinion is making friends in the beginning ofthe year. It is very hard to meet people in your classes since they are large lectures. My main group of friends were people I met on my floor or were friends from high school. It would be nicer if we had smaller class sizes so it would be easier to get to know people. Although once you finish your Gen Ed classes the class sizes get smaller and you start to see the same people everyday.


Nothing, other than it's lack of student support for the athletic programs.


The crime incidents that occur in the area where my school takes place is the worse thing. It makes me feel unsafe and scared at time. When I have to walk to night classes alone or walk home after my on-campus job in the evening I run or pretend I am talking on the phone to someone out of fear.


I think the worst thing is the small dormrooms.


There is not a lot of diversity present on campus but efforts are being made to make the university more diverse.


The worst thing about my school is the fact that financial assistance seems very hard to come by. I know several students, myself included, who cannot seem to get any aid although our grades are above average and we show a definate need for help.


The large classroom sizes. I feel you don't get enough individual attention from teachers.


the amount of drinking and amount of social clicks


People are not open to other cultures and people from different lifestyles. People are judged by how much money they have and how much alcohol they are willing to drink. Being poor is a description. It's a classification. It is not who someone is. There is so much more to life than alcohol. Becuase so many people consider you to be uncool because you don't drink, they miss out on an opportunity to know a great person.


The lack of school spirit, specifically towards the athletics, is somewhat disappointing as a student at Illinois State. While students at other universities across the country have pride in their schools' athletics and attend the games with enthusiasm, I have noticed this is not a common interest of the students here. This is an aspect of college that I myself, as well as other incoming freshmen, was looking forward to but unfortunately did not meet my expectations. While ISU is not totally lacking spirit, an increase in attendence and participation at sporting events would be warmly welcomed.


The worst thing about the school is that they don't put as much information about scholarships, grants, and such. I wish they would give out more information and help the kids that are from out of state to be more comfortable.


The worst thing about this school is that art classes are 3 hours long and only worth the 3 credits that normal hour and 1/2 classes are worth. There is more class time involved and more out of class time involved so I think they should be worth atleast 4 credits.


I believe that the worst thing about my school is that it requires the students to take too many general education classes. I feel this way because I think there is not enough time spent on taking classes that are more related to the students intended major.


Although I extremely enjoy attending Illinois State University, I wish that it was closer to home. While attending high school, it is a very common desire to attend a school far from home. Once moving away, however, it is normal to feel homesick.


The worst thing about Illinois State is that we are stuck in the middle of the cornfields which limits the potential diversity of the university. The students here are suburban "transplanets" who already know other people from back home. Not that I haven't meet great people, I just wish that the campus itself was situated in a more urban environment that fosters the opportunity to interact and meet other people. ISU's rural placement makes forming connections for internships and with industry professionals difficult because students are not practicing their work in the correct field needed to do so.


I would say the worst thing about my school would be the registration for classes, its a very stressful, competitive process that may or may not leave you completely satisfied with your final class schedule.


My school is in the middle of no where which is fine except it can be really windy because there are few trees to reduce the wind.


It's easy to get lost in the general education classes because they are so large and usually just lecture halls.


I consider the worst thing about my school is the location, I'm a city girl and living in close to farm area that doesn't have a lot to offer is difficult to explore and enjoy when time allows.


It isn't the most exciting or "happening" school out there.


When it is time to register for classes it is very hard to get the ones that you need in order to be on the right track to graduating.


Dorm life. Because they are so strict about everything and dont listen to what you have to say.


There is a lot of construction going on right now, and sometimes it really sucks just walking to class because a two minute walk gets turned into five, ten, or even fifteen to get around it.


The worst thing about Illinois State is the smoking. Many students don't follow the rule of staying at least 50ft from doors when smoking. Becasue of this, especially when it is cold, many smokers stand right by the door and you have to work through the smoke when going into the school.


The worse thing about my school is the fact that it is not really that diverse. I would love to see more students from different nationalitties around campus.


I think the worst thing about ISU is it's size. I find the size of the school to be completely fine, but other kids might find it to be too big.


The worst thing about my school is the expenses for the students. It is very expensive to go here, and my best friends have had to drop out because of pricing. It's a hard thing to manage.


There is limited parking for students who live off campus.


i dont have a worst thing


The way the bus system works, i wish it was like U of I, it would be much easier to get around and not need a car if the buses were runnign 24/7


Classroom are too large. Soreity and faternities are very influential on campus. Campus is not very diverse.


Everyone seems to have problems with counselors and classes. Either they can't get the class they need, counselors aren't available, counselors not listening, counselors just having you plug along rather than individualizing your education... I could go on. I have heard too too many stories about requirements being missed due to counselors.


The worst part about Illinois State is that there is very little diversity among the students that attend and the diversity we do have seems often times to be segregated. The community that I went to highschool in was extremely diverse and I find it hard to believe that many people at my school can not even tell the difference between someone who is Mexican or Indian!


Probably the food courts, choices repeat themselves but out the many universities I have visited I've noticed the same problem so I don't think it is very different from other schools


As a teacher's assistant, the worst part of my school is the low self-esteem the freshman seem to come in to college with. I would love to see more freshman come in with more open minds ready to improve themselves rather than having a hard time facing challenges.


Honetsly I can not thing off the top of my head what I do not like about this school. One thing could be the amount of work that is put on us at the end of the year by our teachers. Finals are coming up and everyone is getting more stressed and then the teacher anounces that you will have a paper due or test the week before finals when we should be concentrating on finals not another assignment.


The very worst part is class registration. I've registered for 4 semesters thus far and have never gotten into a first-choice class. Academic advisors have also proven to be very unhelpful in this area and it makes it hard to stay motivated when you're taking classes you don't like.


I can't really think of anything. I mean it all depends on one's perspective and attitude.


It is considered a party school, there's a lot of underage drinking on and off campus.


If you need help from a teacher, they usually make you feel bad for not knowing the answers that you are having difficulty with, then they help you.


I don't like the reputation of it being a party school that goes along with the acronym ISU (I screwed up). A lot of the people I know at this university are hard working individuals who take school seriously.


The worst thing about my school is that some of the teachers do not seem to be very qualified to be teaching at a university. Since I am in the Honors Program, I get to pick my classes earlier than everyone else, so I get to choose teachers that I have heard good things about. Many of my friends, however, have gotten stuck with really bad teachers. We have been put in the same classes but with different teachers, and I understand the classes much better because my teachers are more passionate about the subjects.


buildings are old and falling apart


The only problem i have with this school is the amount of drinking that goes on. Most people go out and party on a weekly basis and it seems a bit much to me. I wish people could find an alternative to drinking when it comes to having a good time on campus.