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What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


Often times, the students at our school are stereotyped at being party people. While it is a large university, it is easy to see how someone could think that. However, Illinois State is a university with a large, diverse population of students. Not everyone goes out to parties, and there are many events for those who want something other than the party scene.


Stereotype: Most of the students are white and came here because they didn't get in to other schools such as U of I or Marquette. This is partially true; the school does seem to be predominately white, but there are all types of people here. Also, some people did not make it into those schools that are viewed with higher status, so they chose ISU, but there are others who chose ISU for their programs or simply because they really like it here. There are a lot of people here who are extremely smart and dedicated.


A stereotype of Illinois State University is that it is for kids who didn't get accepted into U of I. While this may be true in some cases, it isn't in mine. ISU has several highly recognized programs including Speech-Language Pathology, Business, Education, etc. And just putting it out there, you can get a great education at both U of I Champaign-Urbana and Illinois State University, however, ISU is cheaper.


A huge stereotype is that a lot of the students a ISU are here because they didn't have a high enough ACT score to get into U of I, or they didn't get accepted. That is false for many students including myself, who only wanted to go to ISU because it is a great school. Another stereotype is that the athletes stick to themselves. The rest of the stereotypes are pretty standard. Like high school you have the jocks, the smokers, the nerds, however in college everyone is a lot more mixed in. You can tell who each person is, but there aren't really clicks. Everyone is pretty friendly and you can make friends with just about anyone!


Illinois State University has a extremely diverse student body. In my four years at this school I have been able to meet a great number of friends with completely different backgrounds, personalities, and stereotypes. There is a greek life at Illinois State, however it does not dominate the university like you may see at other schools.


A general stereotype of students at Illinois State is that they are not the smartest. There is an acronym "ISU=I screwed up" implying this stereotype. It is most definitely not an accurate stereotype, and is in fact very untrue.


A general stereotype of students at Illinois State is that they are not the smartest. There is an acronym "ISU=I screwed up" implying this stereotype. It is most definitely not an accurate stereotype, and is in fact very untrue.


A general stereotype of students at Illinois State is that they are not the smartest. There is an acronym "ISU=I screwed up" implying this stereotype. It is most definitely not an accurate stereotype, and is in fact very untrue.


One of the more disparaging nicknames for Illinois State is I Screwed Up -- ISU is often seen as not being a "first choice" school, but rather a backup, which is likely true to some degree. Being that it is a large state school, there are quite a number of frat guys and sorority girls, and each frat or sorority has its own stereotypes (for example, the Delta Zeta sorority is known by some as the "DZ Easies") to contend with. Since Illinois State is in Central Illinois, it can be stereotyped as being in a "farm town" -- which is largely true. There is a corn festival held every year and the local baseball team is the Cornbelters, which serves as a point of embarrassment for some Illinois State students who grew up farther north. Illinois State maintains its own farm and there are a number of agricultural students. However, the large student body (20,000+) offsets the "small town" feel of Normal.


The stereotype of the students that go to Illinois State University is that we are a party school. First of all, in any college or university that you attend there will always be parties going on we're all young and like to enjoy ourselves. However, not everyone at ISU likes to party on the weekends. Second of all, for those who don't like to party ISU has a lot of events that happen throughout the week and the weekend. Getting involved in an organization here on campus is a great way to meet students who may share the same interest as you.


The stereotype for students at this school is that we are not really intelligent students, but instead a bunch of party kids. People usually think that because we did not go to the University of Illinois that we did not get in. These stereotypes are very false. Personally, I did not go to the University of Illinois because I did not like the campus. It was too big for my likings and I felt that Illinois State University's campus was a much better fitting for me. Every college is going to have party kids, but Illinois State University is not different than other colleges. We have a mix of all different types of students who are all unique in their own ways.


The most common appear to be jocks, geeks, and stoners


With it being a state school in central Illinois, you get all walks of life here. A majority of the students come from the suburbs of Chicago, yet there are also students scattered from all over the state that come here. There are a few stereotypes for our school having a big party scene, but college is whatever experience you make it. Of course there are the sorority and fraternities who proudly paste their greek letters on their clothes, but it is not a necessity to "fit in" here like many other schools. I must say our school spirit is lacking. On homecoming, the stadium seems practically empty, because everyone is tailgating instead! ISU students like to have a good time, whether that be through joining student organizations, getting involved on campus, rushing a sorority or fraternity, doing intramurals, experiencing the party scene, or joining campus ministry.


A big stereotype at this school is the "bro's and hoes", a term usually referring to frat guys and sorority girls. There's a pretty big Greek scene on campus, and the frat boys like to overuse the word "bro". Unfortunately, this vernacular is also gaining wide acceptance throughout the rest of the college (and young American) community, making it harder to distinguish between those who embody the stereotype, and those who mock it. As I personally have not been involved with the Greek scene and have not attended many parties of different frat houses, I cannot vouch for the true nature of said "bros". However, most are not very difficult to spot. The highest concentration of this particular species of male can be found grouped in the dining centers and in the dorm fitness rooms or the fitness center on the quad. Many times, these groups of boys may draw your attention by seeming to be very angry with each other and on the verge of a physical altercation. Interestingly enough, however, this is many times the simple exhibition of "I love you, man" in a very crude and vulgar way. Despite their rough exterior, many of these guys may actually be very sweet and kind at heart, but the need to live up to this tough guy/man's man standard, especially within frat houses, can turn a wonderful son and caring brother into a sex crazed, puffy-chested, protein drink swigging jerk. As for the sorority girls, it largely depends on the sorority. They like to travel in packs brandished in their Greekwear, and are sometimes very difficult to distinguish from one another. Most are very sweet, but they are very cliquey. Truthfully, you won't get much heartache caused by sorority girls, except under the conditions of alcohol and fraternity influence on weekend nights. The point is, regardless of whether you are male or female, everyone tries to seek acceptance. Some of us went to huge high schools where we didn't know most of our graduating class whereas some others could name every single person in their school, where they live, and what their dog's name is. We come to college not only looking to further our education, but to establish lifelong relationships. And we are all TERRIFIED. If Greek is your thing, go for it. But try not to lose yourself in the shuffle. All frat and sorority members are unique individuals too, but as they all try to fit in, they all look to each other for guidance rather than within themselves, and thus become a large mold of each other. A mold that becomes very difficult to break once college is over, and nothing but our degree and what we learned matters. So whether its in an academic or social environment, through tests in class or tests with friends, remember you are here to learn, and you are your best professor.


I really cannot put the students of ISU into a stereotype because that would not do justice to the students here at all. Here you will find students who are more on the preppy side, urban, rural, suburban, hipsters, etc. I feel as though ISU is one of the more low key universities just because I find that many of my peers I have interacted with during my years here came here not really knowing a ton of people from their high school, like myself. I feel that schools like Southern, Northern, and U of I are the popular choices, and some choose ISU because they know that they won't be stuck with their friends from high school and because they want to go to a place where they will be getting more of a fresh start and new scenery. At least I find this to be common for peers I have talked to from the Chicago land area. ISU is like a mini-world in that we have a variety of people here! Yes there is a large majority of White students, but the minority population is steadily growing. With over 20,000 students here, you are BOUND to find SOMEONE you make a personal connection with.


I would disagree with anyone who said there is a stereotype of students at this university. There are the jocks who are on the sports teams, there are the girls and guys involved in greek life, there are the honors students who tend to be the most academic oriented. But with that said, there is everything in between. The typical student here may be any of the above or none of the above. There is a good balance between all different types of people on this campus.


I think the typical stereotypes of Illinois State students comes straight from our name, "ISU." Students at other colleges (mostly the University of Illinois) in the area typically like to pretend that acronym refers to "I Screwed Up" - referring to the fact that we are not smart enough to get into a better school. I strongly dislike this stereotype. I didn't even apply to U of I and I never wanted to go there. Since my freshman year, I have been in the Honors Program here, and I strongly believe I have thus far received a fantastic education at a great school.


Some sterotypes of students at ISU is that most students party and drink all the time, however, there is a small percentage of students who party and drink. This sterotype is inaccurate while students do particpate in social events, there are many things to do on campus. The school puts on alot of alternative to alchol programs, which are really fun! Events like Reggie Nites (free boweling) Double Feature Friday (showing of recent movies)


That ISU is a school only education majors attend. That their is no school spirit. That ISU is the back up school for students that did not get into the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.


Illinois State University is most commonly known for it's education programs. However, as I have been here, I have seen that the Theater department and Psychology department and many others are also quite awesome. I, myself am a Psychology major, and I think that ISU offers so many opportunities and have amazing staff that is willing to help you with anything that most schools may overlook. When I usually tell people I go to ISU, I have to clarify that I am a Psychology major because they would automatically assume that I would be an education major.