Illinois State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone looking for large university opportunities with a small university feel.


Students that are willing and able to make friends within diverse groups should attend this school. Also, students that are adventurous and also feel comfortable being by themselves if needed should attend this school.


Illinois State could not have given me a better experience, academically and socially! I became a functioning adult, confident in handling money and professional situations. I made friendships that will no doubt last the rest of my lifetime, as we still see each other frequently post-graduation. We had so many bonding experiences that wouldn't be paralleled at other schools. I also learned more about my academic field than anticipated, which fuels my excitement for a future career! For four years, I received nothing but great advising, intellectual and wise guidance from professors, and open arms from the community.




I think any person is capable of attending this school. Its not just about a certain race, background, religious view, or anything like that. ISU has all types of students. So if any person wants to attend ISU I think they should go for it.


If you don't live far away this is a great school to go to. It's close to home for me and I like the distance. If you are an education major ISU is a great choice!


Anyone! It has many programs available!


The kind of person who should attend this school is the type that knows they want to make a difference in the world but needs a place to start.


A person that has a postiive attitude, willing to always meet new people, and able to adapt to different things outside of thier norm.


Students who enjoy social opportunities, as well as obtaining in equal balance of play and work should attend Illinois State University. I am the only student from my high school who decided to attend ISU, and I am so happy with my decision! I have met so many new people, and have had many exciting opportunities I wouldn’t have had anywhere else! Illinois State University is a large school, with a small-town feel. Everyone has a place at ISU.


The person who should attend this school should be a person who is ready to open thier mind to other worlds and cultures and be ready to learn and have fun while doing so. It's not about being an outgoing person, or being a super friendly person. It's about being a person who is ready to accept change into their life to become a more mature, free-thinking person while making life-long friends and getting knowledge for a career.


An Illinois State University student should have a direct career path in their heads. Going through the motions of what classes to tkae and know what career to achieve after graduation will help in the process of college. A student should also have great communication with the teachers to aid in recommendations later.


Someone who is looking for a small-school feel while still being at a big campus would fit right in.


This campus is very diverse. Any one who is serious about getting an education, appreciates diversity, and can handle the constant change in weather that comes along with being close to the Windy City should consider Illinois State University to further their education.


Illinois State University is a well known institution for perspective educators. The type of person that should attend this university should be open to sustainable resources and active participation in student leadership. There are also the kind of people that join greek life and become very successful here at Illinois State university. Here at this institution we also have a very strong Criminal Law and Justice and nursing programs. This campus was made for any type of personality from conservative to liberal to extremists. ISU is always looking for great leaders no matter their personality.


ISU is the perfect school for someone who is looking for a bigger university with a small community feel. Unlike other universities ISU is unique in that it is a university that offers a wide variety of education programs and opportunities, but still makes the diverse student population feel involved. ISU is the perfect school for someone who wants to receieve a higher education and is looking for a campus where they can get involved and feel like part of a community.


If a student wants to attend Illinois State University, they should be willing to work really hard because it is a challenge. I've heard my friends talking about how easy it is at their own schools. I don't know if that's really a good thing, because they may not be learning as much as they should be in college. Unless they are used to this environment then they will also have to be willing to adjust like I did.


The kind of person that should attend Illinois State is a person who is determined to do well. A person who wants to get the most out of their education and suceed. The person should also be someone who wants to get involved and has a lot of team spirit.


It has become very difficult to find a good job because of the state of our economy. My goal as of now is to graduate school and become a technology education teacher. I believe Illinois State University can help me achieve that goal. If you are a person like me who would like to make something out of themselves, and become as successful as you possibly can, you should attend Illinois State University.


A person who enjoys diversity, a large campus, a healthy sized town with lots of options for shopping and eating.


An outgoing, yet academically driven student should go here. Illinois State is a friendly campus that opens up opportunities to meet new people. Being outgoing will give that person a chance to meet new friends that they can have for the rest of their lives. However, you have to make sure that you keep up with your academics also. ISU is a great university and will help you along with it.


Illinois State University is a place for student who are excited to jump into learning. The professors do a terrific job of teaching the material. Illinois State is a good option for students who like to meet people. There are many organizations and activties to participate in, which aid in meeting many new people. Although the school is home to about 20,000 students, one would never be able to tell because of the centralized and accessible campus, as well as the number of events that help make ISU seem like a school half its actual size.


A person who wants to meet new people and a new enviroment, I am from the city of chicago and I am used to the big city. Here in Normal is just the perfect amount of people not too much or not enough.


Quite literally, anyone and everyone with an interest in a four-year university should consider Illinois State as a choice. In my experiences here thus far, I have met people from all across the country. I have made friends with "preps," "jocks," "nerds," and almost any other stereotype or label a person may or may not fit into. At social gatherings you can find people from all different backgrounds and ethnicities interacting and enjoying one another's company. I have not been told by anyone that I have met so far that they feel as if they do not belong.


The type of person that should attend Illinois State University is one who understands how to manage their time between school, friends, extracurricuar activities and work because without being able to do this a student would have a hard time succeeding academically.


Be sure you want to attend here, it is hard to transfer out and have your credits matter at anoher school! Patient enough with school when it comes to registering for classes because you probably won't get the classes you want/need. Like living in close quarters because you have to live in the dorms for two years.


If a student wants to accelarate their learning and achieve career goals he/she should attend ISU. This school has one of the largest major programs for a undergrad degree. Unlike large schools, teachers at ISU are always readily available to discuss questions with students. In addition, counseling is readily available. In short , a student at various colleges/ universities can spend four years easily running arround trying to complete a degree while racking up debt and still not finish. At ISU the counselors want the students to finish on time. Finally, ISU is less than 30 thousand per year.


People who are motivated and ready to work because all majors are competitive here.


Chicago Guidos.


I would say the kind of person to attend this school would have to be a person who favors diversity because my school is very diverse. That person would also have to be friendly in order to make new friends because the class sizes are pretty big in lecture halls. Overall, anyone could attend my school and have fun and be successful.




A student who has a good sense of time management, and is willing to put in an adequate amount of hours studying each week. This is the type of school that bases a lot of classroom activities on group work or activities, so being able to interact and be open to new situations always helps as well.


A person who is ready for a challenge and that wont be afraid of the college size.


A student who desires an individualized educational experience combined with the resources of a large public university. A high-achieving, motivated student who seeks an individualized educational experience at a college that offers excellent undergraduate and graduate programs and supports high-quality research, scholarship, and creative activities.


Hard working and diciplined person ready for a challange and preparation for a successful career. Also person looking to meet new people and make new friends even life long friends and best friends.


The diverstivy of students at this school is sparse. Joining diverse groups opens you up to meeting all types of people.


A person who is determined to succeed in school and is willing to learn outside the box.


people intereasted in education, and someone who likes to be involved in their education.


Anyone can attend this school as long as Illinois State offers their major. Since I'm only familiar with the Family and Consumer Science Department I can't offer a lot of advice. But, be prepared to work out and ready to hunt for a job since ISU has little to no job placement programs. Also, be prepared to pay. Tuition costs only cover classes. Using recreation facilities, going to sporting events, and participating in other activities that promote a close school community and school spirit will cost extra and sometimes a lot extra.


Someone who wants a very good education, while keeping cost very low.


Someone who is ready to better themselves academically. If you were and average student in high school the atmosphere her at Illinois State will help you excel and become an excellent student!


This school is good for someone who wants to go into teaching and is not comfortable at a place as big as U of I.


This school is a good fit for all types of people. I think that anyone who goes here can find something on campus that will fit their needs. There are so many different groups on campus that everyone has somewhere that they fit in.


Someone who wants to get a degree and then do something else, unless you want to be a teacher or work in a business enviornment this school is just a way to get a degree.


Every type of person should attend this school. There is niche for everyone here.


Someone who is academically driven.


This is a great school for future educators. It is one of the best teaching schools in the state. We also have anew business building which is great for people who want to go into business.


I think any type of person could attend ISU there are all kinds of people here. People of different racial backgrounds and different religios and genders.