Illinois State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Students who are not willing to go out of their comfort zone in order to meet new people should not attend this school. It can be very difficult to meet people, and much more difficult to make friends if you do not become involved in a student organization.


I don't believe that any certain type of person should not attend this school. Anyone can be successful here or at any school if they just put their mind towards it.


There are a lot of different types of people at my school. Someone who wants a big college feel with a lot of social events should not attend this school. It is also not a school with thousands of people. It has a medium population. If someone wants a big school with a big campus and crazy events, this school is not for them.


Individuals who do not like big lecture halls should not attend this school. There are smaller classes, but for your general education classes students will mostly likely have one class in a lecture hall every semester.


If you don't enjoy being around large amounts of people, Illinois State University might not be the school for you.


I couldn't answer this questions. A socialite will feel right at home, as well the video game hermit, eccentric artist, and die-hard footballer. Illinois State has a way of taking every personality and showing them a group to bond with and providing the confidence to branch out to explore. I have seen the best of so many people brought out at this school!


Idealistic high-minded artistic intellectuals may feel out of place at ISU.


It is a beautiful campus, but there is not much to do in the town besides party. There are a variety of people and it's not too hard to meet people!


A person who is well balanced, inquisitve, and driven should attend ISU.


A person should not attend this school if they are not open to meeting new people. It is a relatively big school and you have to be open to meeting new people.


If you are not comfortable with a large school, Illinois State is not for you. The campus is relatively large and there are many people who attened this school. However, everyone is close to one another. There are differnt clubs and organizations who welcome all kinds of people with open arms so that they can feel comfotable even when their not.


people that like to be anti social, or that hate larger schools


The kind of person who should not attend Illinois State University is someone who wants to go to a big campus. Also, if the individual is looking to go to a private school where the living accommodations and recreation services are luxurious. Another reason for an individual not to attend ISU is if they want to live in the city; ISU is located in the urban area and does not have much to do outside the university and the mini downtown area.


A person who is uncomfortable with a large campus and large classroom sizes.


You shouldn't attend this university if you are someone who doesn't like to be stuck in the middle of no where. Illinois State is a great school for the traditional college environment but, for students seeking a more independent and fast paced life this is not your school. These studnets should focus on schools located in an urban environment so they can thrive on the energy, connections and the diverse a communities that make life in the city a new discovery every day. ISU will not appeal to students looking to live an urban and independent lifestyle.


Someone who is not interested in meeting a lot of new people, or want hands on experience.


i think that ISU has so many different people that anyone would be able to attend ISU. But if you are looking for a smaller population than ISU and you want a smaller population of a school. i never feel like there are sooo many people her, but everyone is different. there are a lot of people at ISU and if your one that was ani social or just not into crowds, you may want to choose a smaller school.


A person who likes the easy way out, and does not enjoy interacting in a social community of learners should not attend this school.


People who don't like big campuses or big classrooms shouldn't come here, because ISU is highly populated, so it takes a little while to get across campus and class sizes for lectures reach to 300 students.


Students who are planning to party and drink all the time and not put enough effort into their school work, should NOT go here. They will fall way behind and regret it. They may even fail out, because although ISU is not extremely difficult, it is still pretty challenging and demands students who are willing to work hard!


Illinois State is a proud school of diversity and acceptance of all people, if people want to come here for a great education and a fun, rewarding time they should be allowed like anyone else.


If you are not ready to be away from home


Someone who is lazy and doesnt want to work hard for good grades.


A person who is not serious about their education should not attend this school, because they would only be taking the space of someone who really wants to do something with their life.


Anyone who is very academically driven but enjoys a good social life.


This school is based on academics, so if you aren't willing to put forth the effort to get the grades you need/want, don't bother coming here.


A person who is not ready to work for their degree should not attend Illinois State University.


A person who is focused and ready to succed, as well as someone who is outgoing and willing to take chances in order to better themselves via their education.


Someone who is not willing to work hard and who doesn't have a drive to succeed should not attend this school.


I do not think there is anyone who should not attend this school. Anyone who goes here will enjoy themselves


Any one who wants to get a good teaching degree should come to ISU, but not only that, any fun loving person would feel welcome at ISU. This school provides activites for all types of people, regardless of what your interests are. ISU also turns out some of the best teachers in the country, making it a great option for any one who is thinking of becoming a teacher.


Someone who just wants to mess around.