Illinois State University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about school has to be some of the options for breakfast and dinner. Sometimes people just want to eat healthy and the healthy options those days aren't the greatest. Overall though, Illinois State has the best food from any other college that I heard about.


There are many things that can frustrate a student at Illinois State University, but many in my opinion are positive. The biggest frustration I get at ISU is that there are so many upper level classes I would like to enroll in right now but am unable to because of prerequisites and general education courses. Though this can be irritating, the way I am going about getting to those courses sooner is I am currently taking 18 credit hours this semester and plan to take 6 credit hours of online courses over this upcoming summer so I can get ahead.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the liter after one weekend. Unfortunatley after the weekends there is a lot of liter outside of the apartment complexes and on the quad. I wish there were more accessable garbage cans so that there wasn't as much liter laying around.


I don't know, I haven't actually started my classes yet. I just transferred from the local community college. My personal experiences with the school are limited, and other information on the school I've drawn from friends who attend already.


I just was accepted at this college. I have not attended yet, but will attend in the fall 2014.


People don't take athletics seriously.


ISU frustrates me because the school should expect more from their students. For example, out of 20,000+ total students, only 300 are in the university's honors program. It takes a few years for each incoming class to realize the full meaning behind attending college and obtaining a degree: college isn't one big party or a continuation of high school; it's the beginning of a life-long jouney. I think that with a little push from the university the students at Illinois State could reach far beyond their expected potential and make fantastic contributions to society.


The most frustrating thing about ISU is the way people can act. It is a big university and people do not take the time to get to know one another


There was a anti smoking law that was just past, yet it is not being enforced. Also, there are a lot of parties that go on every weekend, not only off campus, but in the dorms. I wish that there was more regulations when it came to smoking and partying on campus.


The most frustrating thing about Illinois State University are their dorms. The dorm I live in is called Watterson Towers, and is 28 floors. All the dorms on my campus have over 20 floors. It is frustrating trying to get an elevator and is also frustrating because there are dorms completely across campus. This means it takes people who live in that dorm at least 15 minutes to walk to class.


The most frustrating thing about Illinois State University is that I have yet to discover how to get scholarships and financial help.




Illinois State has a tremendous sense of community. The clases range from large lecture halls to small, specialized classes. There are countless clubs and organizations you have the opportunity to join in order to make friends you'll keep for a lifetime. The most frustrating thing about ISU is that once students join an organization, they tend to stay within the imaginary boundaries set. Friends from the radio station interact scarcely with TV students, one sorority won't spend much time with another, or athletes stick to their own teams. I would like to see more interaction and bonding.


Some people here are significantly iggnorant to other peoples feelings. The first day I attended school here a young boy asked me a question and I did not here him speaking to me at first, so he responded back after 1 second, "Do you speak english you mexican". I cried that whole night after that comment.


The most frustrating thing about Illinois State University is that the there are a few buildings that are a horrible walk to in the cold and dark.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the amount of general education requirements. I would rather just like to take the classes needed for my major and minor so I can graduate on time.


Some of the classes are very big, my Geology class has 600 students! Even when there aren't a ton of students there is a often a disconnect between the professor and the students.


The most frustrating part of the school is when our program changes certain requirements in the middle of our time here causing us to possible stay at the school longer than we have to. Some students cannot afford to do that and so they end up dropping out without finishing their degree.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the tuition. I want to better myself so that when I grow up and decide to have a family I will have a career and not a job living paycheck to paycheck. Paying for college is expensive and I wish there were more deductions as well as more help to lower the cost of tuition and make it more affordable so everyone could attend universities and have a successful life.


The most frustrating part about my school is the way it makes promises it can't keep. It said there would be plenty of jobs on campus and I am a sophomore still looking for a job. They also make it seem like they will make everything financially affordable for us but they charge us for every little thing such as books, rec center passes, athletic games, and many other things.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the reputation it receives from people who do not go to Illinois State University. Most people compare ISU to the University of Illinois and often believe that it is inadequate in comparison. This is an irritating aspect of my school because it is definitely not any worse than any other school. The students and faulty at ISU are all incredibly nice and intelligent. Illinois State University is a great school to discover yourself and meet great people. ISU, without a doubt, does not deserve the reputation it gets.


I feel like certain classes are very tedious.


At the moment, the most frustrating aspect has to be the time that I have to wait in order to know whether or not I am going to be accepted into the school of nursing here. It leaves me with much anxiety and I have to come up with many back-up plans incase it does not work out here because of it's competitive nature.


The students, the partying, the frats


the cost


I would say that most frustrating thing about Illinois Sate University has to do with the art department / situation. There are so many nice buildings here on campus and the only ones that are in bad shape are the fine art buildings (there are two). Other than that I am happy with the art department because we have amazing professors and a wide veriety of programs.


Having a plan of study but not being able to go by because classes are always full when I go to pick classes.


Currently, the most frustrating thing about my school is that there is construction everywhere. There's new buildings going up all over, renovation of buildings, and street construction. It's worse this summer 2009 than it will be in the coming year, but that is the most frustrating thing because of the interference for drivers.


Professors can be indifferent and hard to deal with, the administration is beareucratic and lots of red tape.


The most frustrating part of Illinois State University is the cost of living. Property owners raise prices every year and make students pay per-room. Next year I will be a Junior and will have to take out loans so I can not only pay for a higher education but also afford a $415 rent. It is sad that they are allowed to do this. Students have to live near campus and it is not fair that property managers are making student's dreams harder to achieve.


I haven't found anything frustrating about my school because I haven't attended it yet.


For Elementary Education majors there is a big work load. Doing homework takes a lot of time every day.


I live out of tyown and the parking can be very frustrating


The most frustrating thing about my school is they changed the meal plan this year and most of the students dislike it a lot. The meal plan is now swipe your id when you enter the dining center and you can eat as much food as you want and I do not like that because I do not want to eat all the food I can, especially when it is not good food. I wish we had the old meal plan back.


cost of books , getting the classes you want


The academic advisors don't really talk to one another, so I get conflicting answers about a lot of things.


It seemed that there were not as many academic advisors for the education department. They seemed to be overworked and it was always difficult to schedule an appointment with them.


I do not find anything fruserating about my school. I love it here and wish I could be here all the time, even over summer breaks!


I think the most frustrating thing about my school is the lack of music. I always had to drive to Champaign (40 minutes away) to see any good bands. I really would have enjoyed more culture at my school.


The bus system.


The pressure of deadlines.