Illinois State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school was having the option to join a sorority. This allowed me to create friendships that I will have for the rest of my life. It also offered many opportunities for volunteering in which I was able to get involved within my community. I know who I am today is shaped by being in my sorority. It helped me become an adult and handle responsibility as well as understand the importance of giving back.


The best thing about Illinois State University is the sense of community. The students have drive to form meaningful and lasting relationships, and do so through organizations that improve the community both on campus and off campus.


The best thing about Illinois State University is without a doubt the education program. The school itself was founded in 1859 with the sole purpose of preparing future teachers and that commitment to excellence has not wavered since. ISU has remained a top ten college in the country for producing top quality teachers and today's graduates are having no trouble finding employment. Some employers have said that the average first year teacher with an Illinois State degree has the experience and skills of a second year teacher. I am in the right place to earn my degree.


I would consider the amount of diversity at my school the best thing about it.


I consider the atmosphere at my school to be the best thing about Illinois State. Everyone is happy and willing to work hard to get results.


The best thing about Illinois State University is their helpfulness of their students to push them to think deeper and work for their grades. The courses that I've taken for my major have push me to think on a more intellectual level, rather than just memorizing concepts that I feel will not be useful in my career. I do not feel as if I have had to "waste" my time on courses that do not pertain to me or my career. I have felt on-track all of my four years here, and have had a great ride.


Most professors are knowledgable and have a lot to offer.


the bet thing by far here is the campus life, and how involved everyone is. the second it is a nice day out, veryone and theyre brother comes outside, and theres an electricity in the air that i havent felt before.


The best thing about my school is the proximity of diversity within the school. As a black woman from Chicago, I was not used to being around that many people that were different from me. Through my outgoing personality and the opportunities in the dorms, classes, and registered student organizations; I was able to really engage in a new atmosphere that has allowed me to get along and understand people and their differences better. I am now a better leader and communicator with people of all backgrounds instead of just my own! Thanks Illinois State!


The best thing about my school is diversity. By diversity I refer to the people, the classes, and the events that my school offers. There are a large variety of people that attend my school; with that variety of people it is easier to meet new people and make new friends. There is also a large array of classes to take, and the school offers many university sanctioned events that make the experience here worthwhile.


The Students of course.. the students really do make the school. As soon as you walk on campus you get a ISU Redbirds vibe. It feels really good to be a Redbird


The town of Normal, IL was actually given it's name because of ISU. ISU used to be known as Illinois State Normal University. "Normal" meaning it was a teacher's college. Today, ISU is still widely known for its education departments and preparing individuals to be great teachers :)


The best thing about my school is the amount of homework help- the building I will be living in this year is also home to an academic center where many students go for tutoring sessions in calculus, chemistry, or even for help in defeating procrastination.


I like the environment and people of ISU. It is a great place to be and is very conducive to learning. I feel a sense of belonging.


I consider the enviornment the best quality because it inspires me to keep going.


The academic programs are very tailored for your specific major. The counselors are very knowdelgable and helpful in planning your courses to fulfill your requirements for your majoy. The campus is close-knit and user-friendly. The campus community is active in many organizations and groups. I enjoy attending ISU and would recommend it to my friends.


I love that my University is very diverse! I also love that my school opens many new opportunities for me to take advantage of! Whether it is a new club or activity I can try, a class that i never thought of taking- I feel like I am always trying something new. Illinois State University has, in just one short year, opened so many doors for me, and made me realize that I had been living a sheltered life.


I think the best thing about my school is it has great diversity. I know that every school has different races and ethnicities, but Illinois State University has many programs and activities for everyone to get to know eachother and make our school closer. Having many different people around you, will get you ready for the real world. Many of the people attending this school have only been around people like themselves. Highschool does not really have a wide vareity of people, but starting my college experience here has really brought many different races and ethicities into my life.


Illinois State Univesity is a very large university, but the best thing about it is that it has the feel of a small private college.


I love all my friends, i guess. I have fallen in love with the surrounding area.. Also i thorouhgly enjoy the majority of my classes, now that i am taking more of my major classes.


The education program here is the best one in Illinois they help all kinds of education majors to have a secure job and maintain a place in the education world, they help students not only learn how to be a teacher but they provide insight on being a good person.


The Art and Business programs


I love the extra curricular programs. All of the student regristered organizations (RHO's) are ran by very optimistic students. Joining an RHO is an easy way to make friends and find a family away from home. Also you get a since of belonging and a place to spend some spare time.


The teachers genuinely care about each individual student, unlike some high school teachers I have had in the past that only seemed to care about passing you so you can move on and be someon else's problem. They work hard to be available to help yo whenever possible.


My school has a large environment that appeals to all kinds of student. There are many opportunities, progams and activities that are available for all interests. Even though it is a large university, it has a small feeling to it. The best thing at my school is there are many doors to success, however, it is up the to student to open those doors, which teaches the student discipline and goal setting.


It is a very diverse school, which provides a good education at a reasonable price, that gives young adults the same opportunities as higher priced schools.


I love everything about my school. I met some of the greatest friends I'll ever have, I enjoy the professors and the help I get from anyone to whom I ask a question, and I also enjoy the events that the school schedules for the student body.


Once you get into your major the classes are small and intimate and you get to know the teachers and classmates extremely well.


Probably the best would be the faculty student interaction. You really get to know your professors here and I think that makes for a much better experience. It makes you feel like they have an interest in you and it helps you do better in school.


The professors are great. They always grab my attention in lectures and make me want to search for more information after lectures.


There are lots of options for majors, there's always help, it is challanging without feeling overwheling and there are various things to do. The campus is just the right size and there are just enough people so it's not too small or too big.


I would have to say the size is the best thing about my school. It is a large university, however small enough to be able to walk across campus. Most professors will know who you are, so you are not just another number in their grade book.


I consider the staff and sevices offered on campus to be the best thing about my school. The campus offers services for students including Advisors, Career Counseling, Career Fairs, Student Counseling Services, and a Medical health service to all full time students, included in the cost of your tuition. These services are great and I have learned that they offer very useful information and help when needed. The staff is very friendly and the services are provided promptly when needed. Students at my school are encouraged to attend lectures and utilize these services because the campus promotes these services.


ISU is a very open community where there is always opportunity for personal expression, whether be individual or through a group.


The best thing about my school is how friendly everyone is. I love our campus and the things that go on. I love that all of our buildings are located in a central area which is around our quad. When its nice out you can see so many people doing a variety of things on our quad, from frisbee, to someone playing the guitar, football, people studying together. Our campus is always full of life.


There are a lot of people that attend the university, yet it still has a small school feeling. I also love that practically the whole town is college students. And everything is conveniently located on-campus.


I have yet to attend this school since I am just transferring. From what I've seen and known, it is a large but friendly school. It is in Central Illinois away from the city and suburbs, so it has that country and small town atmosphere to it.


very small, I like that because I can interact with the professor more often


I like ISU because it's a good school for a good price and the campus is really compact.


The community: the people are really nice.


The best thing would be that there are over 20 thousand students but the size of the campus is nowhere near overwhelming in size. I also enjoy the fact that I see many of the same faces in class every day but I can participate in other activities at school and still meet someone new every day.


The best thing about ISU is the people that go there. We really are a family and everyone is so incredibly nice, funny, smart, and good looking! Hands down the best thing about ISU is the people that you will meet there.


The atmsophere is the greatest thing about Illinois State Unitversity. There is any club you can think of on campus from sports club to a cereal eating club. Campus events like basketball game are very popular and are a blast to go to. I have never felt out of place at this school. Also, everyone is very friendly and open to meeting new people. If you want a school where you can go out and party you can do that her, but if you want more of a quiet setting there is also that.


Its a lot of people on a smaller campus - so its really a tight community. people are friendly, faculty are helpful, but you have to look and work for what you want - its not just gonna fall into your lap.


I like that there are so many options for areas of study. Also , because there are so many different areas of study you get to know a lot of different kinds of people with different interests.


The people are nice, and you only have to live in the dorms for one year now.


The best thing about ISU is that while over 20,000 people go here I feel as if it is a small school. The quad has all the buildings you will ever have to go to for class close to eachother, and many of the doors are within a five minute walking distance. There is always something going on, or something to be apart of because it is a bigger school, but it is never overwelming.


The best thing about my school is that I am able to learn skills that will help me to find a job in the future and still experience the college lifestlye.