Illinois State University Top Questions

Why did you decide to go to this school?


I decided to go to ISU because I knew I wanted to pursue nursing. The statistics were great, so I decided to check it out. Once I came to a visit, I knew it was where I wanted to be. It's also only about an hour away from home, which is close enough for me to go back when I want, but it's far enough that my parents can't just stop by for a visit any time.


They have a great Special Education program, the best in the state and high up in the nation. I majoring in Special Ed so I knew I would be adequately prepared once I graduate.


I have lived in Normal since I was nine years old, my mom went to this school, it just made sense. But when I came to the campus and met the Honors Program staff, I knew I would be taken care of. Plus, the scholarship they offered me didn't hurt either :-p


hmm... I decided to go to Illinois State University for several reasons. I loved the atmosphere here when I had first visited. I liked what I heard about the psychology and social work departments (the social work department offers a 5-year Master's program). I also liked the small feel, yet big enough university (there's 17,000 students, but once you get to know people, it seems smaller!). Majority of my life, I thought I was going to go to University of Illinois at Champaign, but once visiting, I decided it was too big for me. I came to Illinois State University for a class field trip once, and fell in love with the university.