Illinois Valley Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who doesn't like help from others, or thinks they don't need help, should not attend IVCC. Everyone there is so helpful, especially the teachers.


A person who is very shy or claustrophobic should not go to this school, there is a lot of students and the crowds get somewhat ridiculous causing anxiety to heighten


I honestly believe that everyone can achieve at Illinois Valley Community College. After high school I decided to venture away from home to a University, this decision was not in my best interest contrary to my belief. At the University I attended I had a hard time received one on one help and struggled greatly in my classes due to the extensive projects assigned. I decided to come home and try something different after the first two months of being at that University. IVCC gives the help a student needs when they do not know where to begin.


Someone who wants to experience all the things a 4-year university has to offer, like on-campus living and dorm food.