Illinois Wesleyan University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The registration process is very chaotic.


I think the worst thing about my school was that I was told that class format would be different from other schools because of the small class size. There definitely was small class sizes, but most of my classes were the same format; lecture and occassional disscussion, and we rarely did anything out of the ordinary.


The meal service is the worst thing -- simply because it is inflexible and far too expensive for what it delivers. I saved a huge amount of money going off the plan and eating Jimmy Johns every day.


Professors are too smart to teach or not capable of communicating/ teaching undergrads.


insulated group of friends from freshmen year that were friendships of convience rather than common intrests, but your stuck with it if you are n't willing to put yourself out there adn meet new people. there is a definate safe zone that people are afraid to leave.


If you come in from out of state (Illinois), it's REALLY hard to make friends, because eveyone else is coming here with many people from their highschool, hometowns, or areas surrounding their home. Thus, social clics are already formed. I came from Indianapolis and, even though it's my sophomore year, I'm still having trouble becoming close to anyone. Everyone else gets to hang out over the summer because they all live close, but I can't. You miss stuff.


Advisers are horrible. They do not prepare or respond to students in a timely fashion. The school is also a weed out school. They will take your money and leave you to fail out with no remorse.


There were very few social activities.


The worst thing about the school is...the amount of reading, and the fact that nearly all of us come from either the Chicago suburbs or farm towns. But almost everyone is from Illinois.


The school is really small and the people are all the same, they have nothing to do but drink all the time.


The worst thing about Illinois Wesleyan? It's tough to say, really. I love everything about this school, from the academics to the hilariously vicious squirrels on the quad. I guess the worst thing about Illinois Wesleyan would be getting home (to the Chicago area) without a car. I usually take the Amtrak, but they run late a lot.