Illinois Wesleyan University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


To me, the person that should attend this school is someone who is looking for not a small or a large school. It's just right. It's also in a great, lively college town and the school itself offers many different options. It allows you to change to what ever you may be looking for if you switch majors and still offers a great program.


Students that know what they are going to school for because its expensive. The whole school staff was very helpful and hold your hand the whole way.


I think that a driven individual should attend this school. A student that lacks self-motivation and a desire to learn will struggle at this institution. However, somebody who has a thirst for knowledge will thrive in this community. A person that is ok with a smaller school and hands-on learning would love it here because there is such a high amount of interaction between faculty and students. An indivual who is looking to land a great job out of college should attend IWU because that is the goal of the university.


I think this school will fit any personality or belief type, but realistically it is an expensive school and students who do not have a well financial background will have difficulties and that could make there experience stressfull.


You really see a great mix of people on this campus. IWU has a very strong liberal arts program and very strong theatre, music, and performing arts programs. Greek life is strong without being overpowering. There are many, many student organizations for people of any interest. Any student can find something to fit their interests and talents here. It is a small school, which commands a certain atmosphere; some people say we live in a bubble. There is a definite sense of "everybody knowing everybody." But if you can handle that, IWU is a truly great school.


The kind of person that should attend this university is one looking for a small, challenging school in a somewhat quiet and uneventful Midwestern city.


Illinois Wesleyan is the kind of school for someone who is very focused on their education and a mature young adult. If you want more out of your college experience than just a diploma, this is the best school for you. It's a great school for students interested in study abroad and campus involvement.


A person with an open mind and a willingness to learn. However this school is academically challenging, and a little on the pricey side. If you consider Illinois Wesleyan, you'll want to also consider Greek Life, as it plays a leading role in on campus social life. This school is very serious about academics, but are openminded to what that word means. Some of the best artists I know attend Illinois Wesleyan, and we have an amazing fine arts program, so if you are creative don't be afraid.


If you did well in high-shool, and want a good college education but with a small campus, this is a good place. However, there are lots of cliques (art, music, theater, science students) and if you don't immediately fall into one of those, finding your group of friends is awkward.


white middle class/upper middle class students from suburbs. or students who have grown up in predominantly white communities. If you have never been around white people before, then this probably isn't the school for you. Not to scare students off, because the majority of the students here are friendly, but are very naive about minority students and their lives