Illinois Wesleyan University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Anyone who isnt prepared to work hard, engage socially with both students and professors, and anyone who wants to act without common courtesy and respect for both their fellow man, their campus, and their environment.


People who aren't willing to work hard for what they want. And People who don't have good time management skills.


Those that would be opposed to going to a liberal school should be weary of attending Illinois Wesleyan.


Someone looking for a big school environment.


A student with a strong will to learn and inhance their knowledge. A student with a strong academic background and willing to work really hard to succeed and become a leader. A student willing to put partying aside to focus primarily on academics. A student who uis comfortable with working with the professors one on one. A student who is not afraid of a challenge.


All kinds.


People interested in a party school or in a heavy social life. Not all teachers are so forgiving with extensions and the such.


Anyone who is not white, upper-middle class, from the North/Western Chicago suburbs, interested in Greek life.


A person looking to party and someone planning on skating through classes.


Those that desire large classrooms, aninimity, or a huge party scene.


If you don't care about learning, don't come here.


Illinois Wesleyan University is a challenging school. It is a lot of work but intriguing for those that actually care. Though it is quite pricey, it is well worth it when you graduate and realize that job placement is almost 100 percent. Therefore, someone who doesn't ever study, or gets too drunk to wake up for class will never be successful at Illinois Wesleyan. Someone who isn't willing to do work in order to get something out of it should not attend IWU.