Immaculata University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Immaculata is a small Catholic school that is dedicated to helping its students graduate.


Our campus is small.The farthest anyone has to walk to on campus is Draper Walsh Stadium. If one lives in the farthest on-campus dorm, it takes a maximum of ten minutes to walk to class and that's walking slowly. Immaculata has a mixture of new and old buildings. It's quite obvious which buildings are new and which have been there what seems like forever. It adds to the charm of the university. Our campus is beautiful. I can't even explain it. It just has to be seen in order to be understood. We have two buildings for classes, Loyola Hall and Good Counsel. Other buildings on campus include Gabrielle Library, Alumnae Hall which houses the theater, the pool, the fitness center, and the gym, the Bruder Center for Health Services and Career Development, and the new Financial Aid and Admissions building. Nazareth Hall, which houses the dining hall and a few classrooms, is connected to Villa Maria which holds our chapel, dorms and offices, and is also connected to Lourdes which is mostly just dorms. DeChantel and Marian are a connected dorm building where Student Life and Engagement is also located. We also have tennis courts, a softball field, a baseball field, a training facility, and Draper Walsh Stadium for sports.


Immaculata is a home away from home.


Immaculata University welcomes any all students with a passion for self-betterment, a buning desire to learn new information in their chosen field or fields of study as well as those students who are undecided and need guidance; Immaculata University is breathtakingly beautiful in the winter with its normally gorgeous campus blanketed in light dusting white and the lush grass in the spring and summer are equally as breathtaking to behold if you see beauty in the natural world around you and the campus, although surrounded by woods is only a brief ten minute drive from civilazation.


IU is small yet friendly.


Family like community if you want it to be.


Our school is a fun loveing palce where you can have many friends that will be there thru all you ups and downs.


A journey thats worth it.