Immaculata University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The typical Immaculata University student is involved in multiple clubs, organizations, or leadership positions on campus. This allows students to expand their friendships and meet new people. Students at IU are typically middle class and most are paying at least some part of their tuition for school. This creates hard working, money conscience students. Most students call home anywhere from 5 minutes down the road to about 2 hours away. Although we have students from other places, most of our students are from Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, or New York. As a Catholic university, many students claim Catholicism as their religion, but that does not necessarily mean that they practice. Many students attended Catholic high schools in the area such as Little Flower, Cardinal O’Hara, or Bishop Shanahan. Just like any university, students wear whatever they want to class. Anything from sweatpants and sweatshirts to jeans and sweaters can be seen worn to class. And like all college students throughout the United States right now, finding a job after graduation is pretty much number one on everyone’s mind. Because of the economy, many students are not necessarily focusing on how much money they want to or can make after graduation, but are instead focusing on trying to land a job.


The student body is diverse for the number of students that attend the university. People come from all over the country, but a good number of students come from the PA/NJ area. It is odd to encounter someone that you do not know because of the small size. Everyone goes out of their way to make sure that no one is left out of the college experience. Wandering around campus, everyone says hello to pretty much every passerby.


The student body here at Immaculata is diverse and friendly. You are sure to find a smile upon the face of a stranger but don’t expect that person to be a stranger for long. With the small size of our school within the first week or two of being on campus you are sure to know or recognize everyone.


They are all motivated, inspirational, and overall incredible people.


Nice, understanding, and helpful when help is needed from other students.


Very helpful, speak up in class discussions, very polite and congenial, outgoing, try to help you feel welcome, help each other in class or with homework, overall awesome!


Some are really nice. Others dont have a care in the world.


My classmates are outgoing, goal oriented, compassionate, and laid back.