Immaculata University Top Questions

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The spirit of this university is very unique. There is a great sense of home and family that resides on this campus, especially if you live on campus. Here, people you don't even know always smile and say hello to so as you walk to class. Being a catholic college often, nuns live in the same dorms as the students an even in the sames halls. There is a certain sense of respect that students have because of the presence of the sisters and this is unlike any other university that i know an i love it!


The scenery at Immaculata is one for the books. On a nice spring day I enjoy setting up a spot on back campus with a good book or some homework. With friends always by my side, sisters who will always have my back, and a scenery that is to die for, I couldn't have picked a better place to spend four years of my life. I can't imagine leaving next year.


I love the fact that I can walk around outside or into the cafeteria and it'll be guaranteed that I know someone. Everyone is so friendly, no one needs to worry about not fitting in. I was nervous about going away to school for the first time but Immaculata made it a lot easier for me.


Immaculata University has small class sizes that allow students to have indivualized and group instruction. Professors and Sisters know their students on a name basis. Upperclassmen dedicate a lot of time being mentors to the Freshman, so they transition smoothly. Immaculata puts a lot of emphasis on the arts, especially music, as well as community service. The area is warm and home-like, surrounded by nature everywhere you turn, yet only miles from shopping centers and the city. Lastly, although Immaculata is a Catholic Univeristy, you learn about all religions and cultures so you become an educated, unbiased citizen.