Immaculata University Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


Academics are the first and foremost reason students attend college. At Immaculata University, learning takes precedence over all else. The university offers the Honors Program and various honor societies to challenge students and keep them motivated. The school’s Dean’s List can only be achieved with a 3.7 grade point average or higher, higher than the average Dean’s List GPA of 3.5 at other colleges and universities. Immaculata takes academics seriously and works to push students to their potential. Professors are an integral part to the academics at any institution. At Immaculata, small class sizes offer students and professors the opportunity to forge bonds. It is not uncommon to go into the faculty center and see students walking from office to office, conversing with professors about grades, classes, and even life. Professors are not just teaching to teach at Immaculata; they are there to share experiences and knowledge that they have acquired in their field in the hopes of seeing their students succeed inside and outside of the classroom. Professors also take pride in learning from the students at Immaculata. In my experience, professors are open and encourage their students to think, suggest, and question thoughts and opinions before, during, and after classes. Once a student chooses a major, that department becomes his or her family. Between clubs, organizations, honors societies, and socials, members of a certain department are always coming together. As an English major, I have had at least one class with almost all of the professors in the department, I know most of the students who are in the major, and I take pride in calling myself a member of the English Department. While I am a part of the larger Immaculata community, I also am a member of the English Department community, who I know I can turn to for support and guidance during my years at Immaculata and after.


Class sizes are small, allowing for individual attention. The professors go out of their way to make sure that the students get the help they require. Professors have offices on campus and are more than willing to help anyone that drops by. Each student is assigned an advisor that helps them plan out their schedule each semester. Tutoring is free and there is a tutor for almost every class. If there is not a tutor for a class that you need to be tutored in, the Tutoring Center will find a tutor for you. Many professors include attendance/participation as a part of your grade.


Here at Immaculata academics are great! I know all of my professors by name and this makes it easy to share a personal relationship with each of them. The student/teacher ratio is amazing which allows for a one-on-one relationship during and after class. The professors here at Immaculata make themselves available through email and office hours. I enjoy going to class and learning her at Immaculata. The departments here also offer valuable learning and studying tools like the writing center to revise a paper or the math center to help you with a difficult problem. In addition, Immaculata provides a tutoring center which allows you to sign up for a personal tutor at no additional costs.