Immaculata University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


There are many clubs, groups, and activities at Immaculata. If you cannot find a club that you want to join, faculty and staff will help you create your own club. There is a group on campus that plans events for the weekends and it is rare to find a weekend without a dance or some other event. The dorms are pretty nice. Each dorm is air conditioned and heated. All of the dorm rooms have a sink in the room except for the suties (they have a connecting bathroom). Immaculata is very tradition based. These traditions range from the class ceremonies (pinning, the ring ceremony, graduation) to ringing the bell by a statue.


I am a member of a sorority here on campus and at any given moment I have 30 active sisters who have my back and more than 200 who have graduated; we are part of a family and share a bond that any girl would be lucky to be apart of. We also have a brother fraternity along with the other four other Greek organizations on campus; Greek life at Immaculata is growing and is a great activity to become involved in. There are many other clubs, organizations, activities, and sports to become involved in. We also have a programming board which is run by students and hosts events such as dances, pool parties, BBQs, game nights, comedians, and more on weekends and throughout the week. They also host stress buster events during tough times in the semesters such as finals week.