Immaculata University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


A small, Catholic university is the description most often used to describe Immaculata University. And while small and Catholic are very true adjectives, the university is so such more. Immaculata is a place where a student is not just a number or a statistic, but is rather a person with a name, a person with goals and aspirations. No exaggeration, when walking across campus, almost every person that passes will say hi whether they know you or not. The faculty, staff, administration, and students come together to form a community, an Immaculata family that pushes each other to succeed, solves issues when they arise, and provides support when needed. Just as any family, the Immaculata community shares in traditions that help define the university. Beginning freshman year, students are introduced to the customs of this hallowed campus with the planting of the ivy, in addition to many other practices of old. Sophomore year students participate in the receiving of the pins at the pin ceremony. Then as juniors, to signify the entrance into their final year of college and to celebrate their three years of survival thus far, students walk through the giant ring during the ring ceremony. Although Immaculata primarily is a learning institution, what makes it different from other colleges and universities is the traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation. From the time students become a member of this university and move into their first ever college dorm room, to the time that they turn their tassel to the left and graduate, students learn about, participate in, and cherish the rituals of Thy Noble Hill. It is important to note that Immaculata is a very conservative school, after all it is a Catholic institution run by the nuns of the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. In saying that the school is conservative, it does not mean that those of other religions do not attend or that new ideas are not respected. Probably the biggest complaint student’s have with the school is the food, especially residents who eat it three times a day. In saying this, how much can be expected from cafeteria food?


Since Immaculata is such a small school, the student body is close. Everyone is very friendly and knows everyone else. At Immaculata, you're never without a friend. All of the faculty and staff go out of their way to help the students.


Immaculata is not just a University or a place to live while pursuing a higher education. Immaculata is a family, a small close knit family, and everyone knows your name. I like that fact that when I walk by someone I not only recognize their face but I know their name. Though the school is small and there are not many residents here I know I always have friends and a family to turn to when things aren’t so great.