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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?




Honestly, I do not think I would tell my 18 year old self much of anything before leaving for college. I think that I had a great experience in my first year that I would not change a thing. I am so thankful for the lessons I learned that first year, it helped me grow into the young adult that I am. But if I did have to tell myself anything I would advise young Caitlin to get more involved. I believe that in my freshman year I was not as involved in school activities and clubs as I should have been. Getting involved is the best way to get to know a variety of people and expand your group of friends.


As a college graduate talking to a high school senior I would tell myself that college is not going to be as scary as I thought it would. I would tell myself not to worry so much and to have a good time with my friends, but mostly I would tell myself to pay attention to my grades especially my cumulative grade point average. I would remind myself that in order to make honors at graduation and to make the honor society at school I would have to have a good GPA. I would also tell myself to think about what it is that I truly want to do with my life and what major would be most beneficial to achieve this goal. Unfortunately there are some things that you cannot tell someone, some things they just have to learn from experience and so I would, as I said before, tell myself to smile, lighten up a little and have a good time because you never know where life will take you.


Dear High School Mandy, I have a few words of advice for you before you graduate and embark on your journey to Genesee Community College I want you know a few things. One, do not be afraid to break out of your shell and be your own. No one is thinking about how pretty or ugly you look. They are all focused on doing homework, when their next test is and why their Genesis account is not working. Second, stop holding grudges. Not everyone in high school will be there when you graduate so why bother wasting time being mad at them? Just let go and try to be nice to everyone. There is no use making anyone feel bad even if you won’t see them in a year. Finally, take this college seriously. Even though it is “just a community school” it still greatly affects your future! If you do not achieve your AS you cannot get into the Education program at Brockport. This is a big part of your life and it is not a joke! Be serious, be ready and be yourself. Your Future-self, Mandy


After finishing my first year in college I would have two things to tell myself during this transition into college life. One piece of advice would be; be open to all new experiences and people. When I was coming into college I found that my high school friends were all just like me. I had spent time with people that I had known my whole life, and when I came to college there was a huge variety of people I was now surrounded with. So, I would tell myself to be open to all the new people, which would give myself more clarity at this hectic time. The second piece of advice I would give myself is to stay close with family and friends back home. I find this would be helpful advice for myself because I've found that when I got to college I was meeting alot of new people and making new friends, so I was running out of time to stay in touch with people back home. With this new knowledge I would want to remind myself to stay in touch, so I can build new relationships, while still keeping the old friendships I had before.


In college, you learn new things everyday unlike highschool which is often a repeat of what you learned in elementary school. It is so valuable to attend college because it creates a whole new world of possiblities for you and is an experience unlike any other. In college you have the freedom to be yourself. People are less judgemental and come from all different walks of life. This exposure is vital to the individual as it will aid you with your future interactions with others. I loved my college experience because I made some great friend who truly cared for me and allowed me to feel comfortable in my own skin. Academically my relationships with professors allowed me to gain a greater thirst for knowledge about the worl thta we live in. I can't even imagine how my life would have been if I had not attended college. For those who are comtemplating whether of not to go, just GO! it will be one of the best decisions that you will ever make in your life!


My college experience has been exceptionally valuable because it has enabled me to become a more well-rounded and open-minded individual, it has helped me to make close friendships that are very important to me, and it has allowed me to learn and grow as a person overall. While attending Immaculata University, I have learned both in and out of the classroom, in academic, social, and extracurricular settings. I have taken many classes, both in my main fields of interest and in other fields of study, that have expanded my mind and challenged me academically. I have met a variety of people with diverse views and cultures, which has allowed me to understand, respect, and appreciate ways of thinking that differ from my own. I have also formed close, hopefully lifelong friendships fostered by the strong sense of community at Immaculata. Finally, I have participated in extracurricular activites such as theatre, chorale, and campus ministry that have provided valuable leadership oppurtunites as well as developing my personal talents and interests. Overall, my experience at Immaculata has been educational, enriching, and more than worthwhile. The lessons learned and relationships built during my college years will remain invaluable throughout my life.


College has been a valuable experience to me in a variety of ways; so many, in fact, that I find it hard to pinpoint which one has the most value to me. However, attending college has me grow emotionally and mentally in many ways that I am forever grateful that I embarked on this path on this journey we call "life." College has shaped me, is shaping me into an individual that will one day do great things for her community. In college I have found and expanded a group of friends that are more like family to me than anything else I have ever known and would not have had the joy to experience had I embarked down another path that led me elsewhere, I can say this with certainty because I feel it in my bones. I have expanded my horizons to include more than what I had previously believed possibly and have my hand in a variety of activities that helps to diversify my thoughts and plans, my dreams and goals, my ifs and maybes. At the risk of sounding cliche, I wouldn't trade my life at college for the world.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to take the most detailed notes during class lectures, do all my homework because that is what tests are based off of, and to go to your teachers for help when needed. I would also tell myself to go to the tutoring labs whenever possible to make sure i reach my full potental. I would also tell myself to get involved in as much as I can handle with making sure my grades still stay up to standards. I would also teach myself how to prepare for finals and midterms since I never had them in high school. I would help myself learn to study the large amount of material needed to succeed on those tests to help me pass the class with the highest grade possible.


"Be thy labor great or small, do it well or not at all." I came accross this phrase during my freshman year at Immaculata University. College, much like in life, an individual will be tested. There are challenges that will push your mind, your body, and your soul to the limit. But what about the small challenges? What about the little things in life? If given the opportunity to revisit my prior self I would explain this quote and emphasize that in the coming years there will be moments where I will have to manage my time. Many prospective college students hear about the all night study sessions, the dropout, or the "I don't have the time" excuse. This quote would help me relaize that a semester is a process. A sylabus is recieved the first day of class; in other words, a blueprint to the next few months is in hand. To complete the foundation of an 'A' I have to complete the small tasks, the assignments I feel are redundant must be completed. These small assignments presented to me will become the tools that enable me to complete the large tasks and avoid an overload.


When searching for the right school it is really important to consider what you want out of your education. One must take into account what they would like to major in and how they want to persue their dreams. Additionally talking these things over with those closest to you, parents or guardians is essential. These individuals are here to help you to make the most out of this and have the best intentions for you. This is a critical and important stage in every persons life whether they attend a formal institution or not and being specific doesn't mean you (the individual) are being picky, its always best to be thorough.


I would tell the parents and students to make a decision based off of what school felt like a second home to the student. In reality college is like a second home to the student because they stay their nine months out of the year. Working Immaculata's New Student Orientaition program last year and this year, the goal has always been to make the students feel like their welcome at the school and to make them feel at home. It's a big jump going from living at home to living a college and the best way a student can transition is too feel comfortable and safe that the shchool of his or her choice.


When you are looking for the right collge, make sure you choose one that you honestly like and honestly can see yourself there. Be different, do not just pick the one that all of your friends went to. From my experience, you make your very best friends in college. You will fit in anywhere and find people who are from somewhere completely different but fit your personaility so well. Parents, get all of your finaincial aid in order ASAP! Always keep it in a binder or secured so it is not hard every year. Financial aid has been so difficult for me and I would never want a person to go through what I have had to go through. It should be quick and simple for you so figure it out ahead of time and save yourself the hassle. Most importantly, have fun! You can do other things besides drink and party, make your own fun. Enjoy college, enjoy life dont sit and gain regrets :-)


Attempt to visit as many colleges as possible. Do not just visit websites or talk on the phone with administration and admissions. Seek the opportunities to check out teh school as a family, or just as a student. Attempt to speak with current students, not just those who work in admissions, to get a real life feel of the school.


definately take a campus tour, tak to the current students when their is no staff or administration present, ask lots of questions!!!


You should know what kind of college you are looking for, such as in the country or city. Research the college online. Go to the open houses or online discussions and speak with other students who are already attending the college you are interested in and ask questions. There are also chats the professors attend as well and you can ask them questions. If you commute, find groups that commute and join in whenever you can. Don't let money stop you as there are financial aid packages available. Make sure the college you are interested in has certain things you are searching for such as extra curricular activities, sports, music, chorus, art, theater, etc. Match up these things with your own interests. Check online and see where the college falls in comparison to other colleges you have an interest in. Visit the college, preferably during classes and get a feel for the the type of students that reside or attend classes there. You can tell a great deal just by the people you pass in the hallways whether they are friendly or not. Take your time in choosing and make sure the college is what you're looking for.


The best way to find the right college is to ask real students. The college administration from any college will tell you what is good about the college and try to make thier college the college of choice. Asking a student who attends that college will give you a real response and answers that are worth more than anything. When a college is chosen, the best way to make the most out of the experience is to live on campus. As a commuter, I can definately say that people who live on campus are far more involved than people who commute. To get through this, get involved in activities to meet the faculty and to make new friends. To make even more of the college experience, see what kind of activities the college can offer. Some college have great programs that let you study abroad for the same price as a regular semester. Finding out what special programs your college has is a great way to get the most out of a college experience.


Looking back on my own experience in finding a college, i remember being frustrated by all the advice offered to me by any random adult who knew something about college. While one person would stress finding a school based on academics, another would stress the social atmosphere, and still another would put emphasis on the athletics facilities. However, what i found from my own experience, and from the experiences of my friends, is that the college a person chooses has to delineate that person's own depiction of what college should be. Every person has in his/her own mind what he/she hopes to experience and accomplish during his/her college years. For example, one person may have strictly set academic goals including an obtainable posstion he/she hopes to obtain after graduation. This may not be true for another person, who thinks of college as an escape from the restrictions set on him/her by his/her parents. It all depends on what is really important to each individual person. The challenge, therefore, is not so much finding the school, but rather, understanding and accepting your own individual needs.


Find a school that fits, don't wory about how much it cost at first, everything will work out in the end. Students, if you can see yourself there it is a phenomenal thing; you will feel right at home, you will be more involved and do better in school if you enjoy where you are. Parents, don't decide where your child decides to go to school, let them decide on their own, it will mean more to them if they go to a school because THEY truely want to be there rather if you pick it for them, but do help them in their decision making just remember the final decision is not yours.


I would recoment comparing your high school years to what you expect in your college. My high school was huge and you didnt get to know many people, so i picked a smaller University. I planned on being more involved and having the chance to get to know people more easily. I was right it is a much stronger community and much easier to get involved. I would apply and visit to as many colleges so you can to get an idea of what you like, because it is a completely new experience that you cant imagine until your there.


Finding the right college is a difficult decision but also is very important. I suggest visiting the schools of choice and taking advantage of the open houses available. Getting advice from students that already attend the college/university can also be a huge help. Don't be afraid to ask questions about absolutely anything. It's better to know every little detail than miss out on something that can be an important factor to you and/or your son/daughter. I also sugguest not jumping into any decisions right away. Start the process early and in enough time, you'll definately find the right school. Students, you're going to feel uneasy about being away the first month or so. But just stick it out, and I promise; you'll find truth in the school you chose. Parents, be supportive in any choice that your child makes. College is a great experience!


My advice to parents and students is to listen to you kids parents they know what they want just be sure to make sure the school is in their best intreste. It also helps if you go with them to the tour and give them your honest opinion about the school because it helps them to know what choice they have made as long as you can approve of it. Students when you choose your school do it because its the best for your degree and not only that but because this is your future you are working towards not anyone else. As long as it makes you happy and is where you wanna be thats all that matter the most.


Visit as many colleges as possible as well to as applying to more than one. Don't just go by the pamphlets and booklets that get handed out at highschool college fairs because when you get to that school it might not be the one that you want to finish your four years at. Make sure that you account for everything when visiting a college, dorm size, campus size, classroom size, etc.


First, be sure to visit many colleges. Look them up online to save yourself some time. Take your time and make a list of pros and cons about each college you visit. Look up blogs on the colleges and don't let tution scare you. In my case, I fell in love with everything about the first college I visited. The campus is in the country, not the city (which is something I don't enjoy being that I have a visual disability, the less hectic the better for me), and during my scheduled visit the staff could not have been nicer. If it's possible, try to visit the college when there are students there taking classes. This will give you a feel for the type of people who attend the college. Ask about and do research on whether it's considered a party college. Always try to look up information using the internet. Try to join some of the extra curricular activities the colleges offer. You will make friends faster and feel more comfortable that way. I commute, but the college I attend has a special commuter group to help us feel better about fitting in.


Do what feels right. Don't let anyone else tell you how to run your life. Its YOUR LIFE. You have a right to be happy.


Students you have to feel comfortable in the college you choose and it cant be the college your parents want for you, parents you have to let your children pick something they want to do and it may not be what you want but you stil have to let them choose. Also students unless you are posititve about what you want to do when you get older picking a school with a wide variety of majors and minors is not a bad thing because if you change your mind you have plenty of new options to choose from right in front of you. But the most important thing is to remember to be yourself and have fun because thats what college is all about.


I would advise both students and parents to shop wisely and carefully. I would caution them to make sure they visit a school to get a feel for what the campus and social atmosphere is like. Don't pick a school just because you like their mascot or your best friend goes there. Pick the school that has a good educational focus in your field and one that will challenge you to do your very best.


Find one with a good ethical history, and one that promises or has statistical evidence supporting a high percentage of career opportunities post -graduation.


Deciding what college to attend is a difficult desicion that can be overwhelming. Yet, a part of becoming a college student is learning how to make informed desicions. As with all difficult choices, if you give yourself plenty of time, do research, and maintain a positive attitude, you will find the school meant for you! First, decide if you want to live at home or go away to school. If you choose to go away, are you a city or small town person? Next, ask yourself what you hope to get out of your college experience. What sports and actitives interest you? What size school to you want to attend? What major are you thinking about? Use this information to research schools that fit your interest and make appointments to visit those colleges. As a parent, if you want your child to be happy you must show interest and be involved in their future by taking time to visit colleges with them. Do not persuade your child to go to a certain school. After all, they will be attending, not you. They have to be happy and like the environment inorder to perform well.


I feel that one should truly go with that gut feeling when choosing the right school. I really can't explain it, but you just know that this place is where you want to be for the next four years. I would advise students to choose the school for themselves, even though parental input is very important, if the student doesn't like the school, they will be miserable for the next four years and will never truly get that awesome college experience that one should receive from college life. Once you get to college everything changes, your on your own and there is no one to tell you what to do. Be sure to be able to motivate yourself and take advantage of an opportunity to learn more in four years than you have so far in life. Socially, be open and be yourself. I didn't know anybody at my school and being a shy person I just had to put myself out there. Before I knew it I had a great group of friends for life. Overall, just stay open minded, dedicated, and focused and your college years priceless! :)


I would advise that they keep an open mind and visit each campus that they are interested in and do some research about what makes each school unique. They can keep a list of what they desire in a school, such as small class size and extracurricular activities. and then it will make their choice a little easier. In order to make the most of the college experience, I would tell people to get involved in actitivites related to their major and towards the end of their college career, take advantage of career services that the campus offers. Talk to alumni and ask them how they found their first job out of college. Concentrate on doing well academically, but also have fun with friends that you have made on campus.