Immaculata University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I consider the faculty and staff the best part about my school. Immaculata University is known for its teachers and flexible scheduling. The teachers here will stop at nothing to help the students. It is definitely a community based university.


Immaculata is located on a hill and the view up here is AMAZING! We have quite a few weddings and other special occasions that take place on campus because it's so beautiful. We are also located on the highest point of the South Valley Hills in Chester County, PA. Our iconic dome atop of Villa Maria Hall can be seen for miles around. In terms of unique stories or legends, there are all kinds of ghost stories that are told about different areas on campus from children heard playing marbles, to nuns haunting various floors of the old buildings. We also have a unique tradition on campus to ring a bell that sits next to the statue of The Infant of Prague. Students and faculty ring it for good luck because the founders of the school prayed to The Infant of Prague to be able to build the school and He answered their prayers.


The best thing about Immaculata University is the feeling that you get when you walk on campus. Immaculata is a small college, and whenever you are walking around the campus everyone says hi and is very welcoming. Every nun you pass is open, smiling and very excted to see you. Many colleges don't have the small community feeling that Immaculata University has accomplished with great success. Not only are the nuns friendly, but even the students give off a welcoming and friendly vibe to any new student.


The best thing about Immaculata is its size and the sense of community. There are just about 1000 students, which allows students and faculty to know or at least recognize almost everyone on campus, fostering strong interpersonal bonds and close friendships.


I love the atmosphere. The teachers and faculty are very helpful and learning focussed. It is very easy to learn and want to continue learning at this school, it never gets boring.


They provide you with any help you could need in academics. All very friendly and always around when you need them. Professors listen and are willing to help you out with things.


I consider the small class sizes the best part of IU. It enables you to form a bond with your professor. With this you are able to stay focused on the task at hand, or the professor will attempt to encourage you.


the smaller campus allows you to get more involved, more opportunities. the rural campus feel is a nice break from the surrounding cities sometimes


The best thing about my school is that it has a rigorous program that will make a resume look good.


The best thing about my school is the sense of community. Everytime you walk to class or into the cafeteria, you know everyone you see. Everyone is always extremely helpful and caring, and there is a definate sense of unity among all the students. The professors here are also really helpful and a substantial part of the community feel. If a student needs anything from a professor, he/she can very easily contact that professor and recieve the necessary information on the same day. Overall, attending Immaculata is a stimulating and enjoyable experience for everyone who chooses to do so.


It is a close friendly environment, If you want small classes and to know most people it is the school for you. It's easy to get involved and teachers are helpful.