Imperial Valley College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school self in grade 12 I would advice myself to care more about my education than care too much about my social life. A good social life is semi-important but your life shouldn't revolve around it, it shouldn't be the only thing that matters. I'd advice myself all the tips I have learned so far from being a college student and use it to my advatange. That would really benefit me.


Don't be upset that you don't go to a four year university as planned, something great is going to happen to you your first semester here and it probably would not have happened if we had left. Don't give up and keep aiming for all A's like we always have cause it's going to take you to where we actually belong and you won't be in debt either. You make amazing new friends and get a great job that will help you recieve a bigger job in the future and you also become even closer to someone you thought you'd lose in college. Staying isn't such a bad choice after all, if we had our life would be very different and we wouldn't be as happy as we are today. We'd probably be fat if we left cause we would have gotten lazy but we didn't get lazy here so you get to see everyone else get big and we slim down.


It would be a good time to start trying a lot harder. I know you don't have the motivation right now to do so, but trust me, you'll thank yourself later if you do. It really doesn't matter when you apply to IVC, they'll accept you regardless of your grades, I promise. Make wise decisions and always do your work in college. You may not think it now, but you will live to see your college life, and even your own wedding. Keep Chance close in your life, he will help you through so much more than you realize. I know people say IVC is just like being in a second high school, but it matters a lot more now. The transition is easy, easier than high school ever was for you. Finally, you're gonna be happy. So hold onto that promise and continue to live everyday with a smile upon your face.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a senior, I would tell myself not to take my physics class because it's very difficult. I would tell myself that I would get accepted to a 4-year college,but declined it. I know my senior -self would be upset, but I would say that it's better that I did because I switched majors. I wouldn't say to what because I want that decision to be left up to myself.Also, I would ensure myself that I would fall in love in college. I would tell myself to study hard in college, to pay attention in class, and take alot of notes. I would say that no matter how hard it got, I would just have to move forward and reassure myself that it would all be worth it. I would smile and say that having fun with friends would still be a daily routine, but to not forget to live and take in the whole college experience.


You can do it! At first, school looks like a giant ready to eat you up alive, but give it time and when you least expect it you will be walking toward your old professor ready to recieve the hand shake and diploma. All the drama, studing, stress, anger, and frustration will seem like a far away dream you once had, when you finish the last test and you see the passing score. Remember that God is always in control and He is watching over you. You may be going through tough times and feel like giving up, but don't. God will give you the stregnth to go on, just remember I Corinthians 10:13 and Joshua 1:9. You are strong, determined, and can look at life like movie of adventure on which you take a challenge a step at a time. Good luck, God speed, and always keep a smile on your face (it may help someone in need of one).


Don't be afraid. I know that college seems like a scary-lonely place, but it's not. There are a lot of wonderful things that you will let go of because of fear. There is a world to see, people to meet, and many new discoveries that are fascinating. Being afraid will keep you from all those wonders. Fight hard, don't give up. There will be moments that will feel like there is nothing else for you to do but quit, don't. Don't worry about being financially stable, knowing what to do, or being equipped to take the classes. Trust me, you are more than ready. And when fear starts creeping around, don't hide from it instead face it. When you need help there will always be someone to help you, don't be afraid of doing things alone. Don't waste time, concentrate, stand strong, study hard, and enjoy college. Enjoy the new friends you will make, enjoy the new places you'll see, and learn from everything and everyone. Don't be afraid anymore, college is less scary than you think.


I would let myself know to enroll in the R.O.P for the fire department and demand only A?s on all my classes. I would also start working out mostly on my upper body and join a sport for every season. By doing this I'll be in tip top shape for the fire academy in college. Since I?m a girl I know for a fact that I would have to prove myself more to the instructors that I really want this and that I can do whatever they?ll throw at me.


I would definitely advise myself to dedicate more time to my studies, and try to eliminate some party time. As a high school senior, I wasted alot of valuable time going to parties here and there, getting home very late and pulling all-nighters to finish essays, research papers, and projects that had to be turn in the next day. I never realized, until now, that each one of those papers were essential, and that a bad grade could affect me in a long-term. In college, there's no late assingments, special treatment , or extended due dates, you have obligations and you must be aware that nobody but yourself is responsible for every single one of them. I would strongly persuade myself to spent more time focusing on homeworks, and put some effrot into it, because my future depends on it, and I wouldn't want to have a "D", or a worst grade than that in my transcript.


If you decide to go through with college, know that you may have some hard times, and feel that you want to quit some days. Yet, when you continue, and finish your course in whatever you decide to major in, you will feel proud of yourself for not quitting what you have started. You will feel that each semester you finish, you are getting closer to your final goal. So don't give up, don't lose focus and most of all do not mess up your priorities.