Independence Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


This is a tough one. Not because school has been easy, or the people have been rude, but because I actually had it really easy for my transition to college. The college that I go to is just about 2 miles away from my house. I knew I was going there because it was entirely cheaper than any university, and my parents, or me for that matter, did not have the money. My senior year was easy. I made Principal's list every quarter. I guess the thing that I would tell myself would be to make more friends, and keep in touch. Once you graduate, your whole life changes. The people you thought were your best friends, just leave. No contact whatsoever. Make the most of your life while your in high school and don't stress about your grades. Do the best you can, and never give up. There are so many people in college. Yes, of course you can make tons and tons of friends there. You just have to do it all over again when you leave to go to a university. That would be the best advice I could ever give me or anyone else.


The main thing I would tell myself was to finish all scholarship applications. Paying for education is the hardset part. I listened to what my conseulors told me but I did not follow through on my part. I went through my senior year doing less work than I ever did my entire high school career. I did do right by playing sports and receiving an athletic scholarship. I would have also saved more money. I prepared myself for every part of college life. I only wish i could go back and complete more scholarships so this burden could be lifted from me.

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