Indian Hills Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at Indian Hills Community College know before they start?


I would say to study hard, but really enjoy every part of the college experience. That there is so many fun and interesting things to learn and exper.ience in college.


Thinking back when i was a senioe i was careless, I thought college would be the life, i figured indian hills would be great, considering they only have a four day week, and i thought it would be a piece of cake.. I was wrong, college is not what i expected, It was just like high school except harder, studying about two hours a day in high school to about seven hours a day is nothing. i figured i would have alot of free time, sadly all my time is dedicated to sports and studying. At first the four day week seemed perfect, it really quite isnt after a while.. indian hills is a great school, but if i could go back i would tell myself not to have high expectations, college is like a job. I Wish I Would of known all of this as a senior in high school.


If I could go back to my senior year and talk to myself I would advise that I get a small dog. When I started out in college I was in a large city that I wasn't even remotely familiar with and far from home. I had an apartment off campus so I lack the dorm experience and I had no family or friends in the area. Without a proper support system I dropped out by the end of the first semester. I think I would have been much better if I had had something to make me feel not so lonely. Small dogs are practical and provide enough emotional stimulation to help one feel not so alone. I learned this by accident when I adopted my 8 year old pomeranian, Pixie, on a whim. She is forever excited to see me even if I have just walked out of the room. College has been much easier because of her.


Hey Cortney! Wow, it's pretty crazy--you're a high school senior. As you get ready to enter college this fall, I just want to tell you that you can stop worrying so much. You're classes and teachers are an adjustment, but it's defintely not something you can't handle, and I know that for a fact! And don't think you're going to get there and not know a single person!! There are people from all over that you know, but lots of other people left to meet. And guess what?! Some of those people will become your best friends. So when August finally arrives and you get settled into your new room, don't worry about whether you'll find your classes on time, if the teachers are easy to get along with, or who you'll sit with in the cafeteria because everyone else is thinking the exact same thing. So just relax and enjoy your last few months of high school because college will work out great. You're gonna love it! Best of luck, Cortney 1-11-10


Enjoy the times with the friends you see daily and to not waste money.


I would tell myself to take the CNA class and Medical Terminology Class when I had the chance to. It would save me some money in the long run. I would tell myself to get started on college when I graduated so that way I would be ready to graduate this next year instead of just starting. I would tell myself to save up as much money as possible to pay for college classes instead of using financial aid.