Indian River State College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The variety of students at Indian River state college us immense.A large variety of ethnic, religious, and sexual orientation diversity can be see all around campus, co-mingling and and learning from each other. So instance, there's a student in my English composition class who transferred from Peru to experience Indian River State colleges academic and student diversity.This can be seen quite prevalent in Indian River State Colleges book store and cafe "The River Shop". Many students can be seen hanging out between classes, or studying with each other every day, and there never seems to be any issues between any student, no matter their orientation, ethnicity, or physical appearance. You can even see very opposite groups hanging out, for instance while I was studying in the river shop recently, I noticed two boys studying together for an upcoming exam. The thing that was so noticeable to me, was that one book looked like the stereotypical "Cool" kid; with the nice hair, and half-leather half-soft fabric hoodie, and the other looked like the stereotypical "nerd" kid; long jeans, tucked in polo shirt, and large glasses. It was honestly an awesome experience to have noticed.


My classmates are fun and want to learn.


My classmates are alot of fun and friendly


In the couple different classes that I have, classmates can differ in each. Most of them are quite friendly and easy to get along with. Obviously because it is a college, students are much more serious and mature about their attitudes and actions not only during class, but after as well. As an outgoing and friendly person myself, I find it easy to talk with all of my classmates, no matter what the gender or race.


Students of all ages are working hard to better our lives to perpare for our future.


My classmates are different in all ways, but all are willing and ready to fight for a better future for themselves.


The diversity in age and expericence of my classmates is their noteworthy feature as a group.


My classmates consist of a variety of student fresh out of highschool, individuals with careers who want to further the education, and even house parents.


My classmates are usually friendly, and though we are not all compatible, we will help each other if we can.


My classmates range from recent high school graduates preparing to get their A.A. and move on to a 4-year program to, people like me, professionals looking to go back to school and learn a new skill or improve an old one.


They are helpful.


My classmates all seem to know what they want out of life, but, you do have the one's that just sit around and don't understand why they're even in school.


Most of my classmates are right from High School, being a single mom at 40 and back in school, they look up to me.